Kari Faux

I’m watching a rapper. She cusses. Kari Faux is from Little Rock, Arkansas. She lives in Southern California. She cusses.

Kari’s “Real Bitches Don’t Die Tour” played Columbus Tuesday. Kari’s show started with “Real Bitches Don’t Die” which is an angry diatribe about coping with betrayal and death which sounds like a celebration. She cusses in an anthem. “Real Bitches Don’t Die” is catharsis.

I took the number 1 from Olentangy River Road so I could look at the Wu-Tang/Nas/De La Soul sign in front the Schott.

I heard  “Real Bitches Don’t Die” from outside but wasn’t inside the Basement yet. I didn’t know if there was a room of women flailing middle fingers.

Kari’s past collaborators include Gangsta Boo, Devin the Dude, Childish Gambino, and Big Krit. I think Karl cusses during all those songs.

I walked in as Kari Faux launched into “Me First” which led a packed room of ladies’ screaming about orgasms. Kari Faux wants an orgasm from oral sex, a rousing finger banging, or a meticulous romp before a man ejaculates. I guess that’s mansplaining a ladies’ sexual desire. I will write from my experience……I’m a man.

I like Kari Faux’s song “Me First.” If a women wants…she could top me off before a movie date, lunch, walking or visiting a friend’s work. I could oblige with an unappreciative entitlement. I suppose I could sing along. I wasn’t fantasizing. I was amused.

I’m watching a rapper. She cusses.

Can Kari Faux rap? Yes.

Kari Faux spit bawdy bars backed by a deejay with delivery and annunciation. The deejay blending breaks with Kari’s music and revved the women dominated audience into a frenzy.

Kari was wearing a dress. She partied from a stage for a show.

Kari Faux addresses the room with an inspiring friendship and intimacy which said ‘ignore the haters’ and ‘achieve your goals’

Kari rocked “Turnin Heads” and you weren’t worried where Big Krit was.

“Money Angels” sent everyone into a passionate magnetism with glee and desire. Kari kept the party rocking while cussing out cheating men and other chumps. Kari doesn’t just sex out of spite.

During “Color Theory,” Kari seduces with an invite of sex with someone who just reached the age of consent. People were dancing and waving.

I’m watching a rapper. She cusses.

I analyzed the lyrics because I’m a Earl Sweatshirt listener who likes rap.

We landed at proto-Mannie Fresh. Kari reached a segment where she rapped over Magnolia Shorty’s “Monkey on a Stick” and other classics.

Kari Faux discussed the joys of returning to the stage after Covid which allows her to see who she is making records for….stylish, young humans who like fun…

I was curious where an underground rapper whose artistic a-alikes are Trina the Baddest Bitch, Santigold and Shawna would land. My other question: If “Real Bitches Don’t Die” where does this leave RIP Gangsta Boo?

Kari Faux sent a dedication out the deceased Three Six Mafia queen before performing “White Caprice.”

“White Caprice” is a party joint which features “Gangsta Boo.”

Kari Faux rapped while “White Caprice” pulsated. Kari Faux had Gangsta Boo’s verse play while people danced. We all felt life with Gangsta Boo’s vibrancy during the Columbus performance of “White Caprice.” Everyone wanted Kari Faux’s party to keep going.

Kari Faux exited a stage which was adorned with women twerking of various fashions and bodies into an appreciative Columbus