Lights on the stage at the concert

Turnstile’s sold-out Kemba Live show had me realizing that an all ages venue will start their show on time because teenagers can’t stay out late. I arrived at 7pm. Doors were at 6 pm. I placed my keys, iPhone, Beats Flex headphones, wallet in a tray and passed the metal detectors.

Despite Turnstile’s show being sold-out, the metal detector lady was ready before I had emptied my pockets.

JPG Mafia had already taken the stage in receiving a response while performing, “Jesus Forgive, I am a Thot.” JPG Mafia is a LA rapper via Baltimore.

I suppose JPG Mafia is a rapper. His music sounds like if KID 606 went short attention span Glitch-Hop with tempos in which a Death Grips fan would say: “I haven’t heard of New Kingdom or Divine Styler but someone else probably did, and I’m nodding my head.”

They sound like you removed 95 percent of the guitars from industrial music and learned rap from Miami Bass and Anti-Pop Consortium. I walked around because the venue was packed, and I did this thing where I stood in every possible corner before deciding where I was standing.

I felt bad because walking around could be distracting for fans.

I stood in the balcony while JPG covered Carley Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe” which sounded like the song was remixed in a trash compactor but remained catchy, and danceable.

JPG Mafia left the stage for a second while a Danny Brown verse played. JPG Mafia returned to the stage and rapped. JPG Mafia performed “I Can’t Wait Until Morrissey Dies” towards the end of his set.

JPG Mafia’s humor and energy was a really entertaining opener for Turnstile who is known for vibrant performances with the explosiveness of a Hardcore Show.

Snail Mail took the stage next. Snail Mail’s album “Valentine” found release from Matador Records in 2021. Snail Mail’s female singer Lindsay Jordan’s vocals from “Pristine” added a melody in a room whose audience which recommended moshing as preference at some time in a personal music journey. She sang in a manner which was catchy, vulnerable and endearing at once.

Toward the middle of her set, she mentioned she was imagining shaving all hair off her body and laying naked in Kemba’s stage.

This didn’t sound sexual.

It took a few minutes for Jordan’s shaving process description.

This was effective from a crowd participation because we were all trying to wrap our heads around the idea of someone shaving on stage, and then laying naked.

She didn’t say if she wanted a Church of the Red Museum or Kevin Shield’s shirt as coverage.

I couldn’t figure out a point in regard with nudity other than it was absurd and funny.

She continued with reverb guitars, and female driven themes.

I wrote female driven because I wanted you to know she performed songs I think women would like from a female perspective.

Snail Mail ended with “Valentine.”

I thought the Snail Mail band performed songs that an Empath, or a Veruca Salt fan would ensconce punany until it was time to shave all hair off in the nude.

Snail Mail and JPG Mafia were really smart opening act choices for Turnstile.

Snail Mail’s aesthetics were calm without being intimidating. Snail Mail provided a muliebrous washing, cleansing, exfoliating quality which tempered the notion Turnstile just moshes for 2 hours.

While I didn’t see anyone from Cro-Mags sexing, shows where women are comfortable aren’t a biological mistake.

Women, and children were safe, which is the goal of any straight edge punk house or a large venue where soccer mommy’s children find first moments of freedom and acceptance.

Turnstile took the stage and opened with after playing some introduction music: “Holiday.”

Although Turnstile is from Baltimore, Kemba’s audience experienced a triumphant homecoming Columbus moment.

Jubilance and a positive joy erupted. Kemba’s audience had fun the entire evening and were turning it up a notch.

Franz Lyons plays bass for Turnstile is from Columbus and developed in the essence of our city.

Franz from the age of 14 kicked it DJ PRZM’s Bernie’s Hip Hop night.

Franz experienced the Def Jux/RocaFella era firsthand.

Franz saw Daymon Dodson host events and Camu Tao freestyle.

Franz would walk from the Legion of Doom hardcore house into Hip Hop events.

Turnstile erupted in the Fugazi referencing “Real Thing,” and the almost Duran Duran meets DFA “Underwater Boi” dance song.

I wondered if Turnstile was the last band which started out as a Hardcore band which could  follow a progression from 3 chord punk into alternative rock.

I had watched Nirvana’s Dave Grohl host a Kiss documentary from Hulu earlier in the week.

Turnstile’s sound captures the feeling of major labels signing Nirvana while negotiating with Discord Records.

Major label alternative rock without heroin.

Franz’s Columbus allows Columbus a look at an afropunk kid who frequented hip hop event’s evolution into a rockstar bassist from skateboarding.

I’m hesitant to say rockstar because I’m known Franz for years but…Turnstile’s shows included various Lollapaloozas, Odd Future Golf Wang Festival, While We Were Young, and Rock on the Range.

Turnstile toured with My Chemical Romance and Blink 182.

I’m sure Franz’s watched the 411 Skate video which rolled the credits with Blink 182’s “Apple Shampoo.”

I’m hesitant with the words rockstar because Turnstile played festivals with Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Body Count, and they toured with hardcore band Madball.

Rockstar doesn’t sound like Turnstile’s intent.

Turnstile feels like you are at an exciting local show, and I only say rockstar because all of their shows are sold out.

If your songs are played from the radio everywhere, and your band sold out one of the larger venues in your hometown, are you a rockstar?

I’ve seen LCD Sound system, Modest Mouse, and the Black Keys sell-out this same venue.

Is James Murphy a rockstar? Is Flogging Molly’s and professional skateboarder Matt Hensley a rockstar?

Franz still visits Columbus.

Franz seems like the same as the kid who loved skateboarding, jokes, and his dad.

While Turnstile wasn’t on stage…Franz walked around Kemba without people stopping him to sniff coke, autograph boobs, or bite the heads off bats.

Franz is a skateboarder who can backflip but I didn’t see a high-kick into a scissor split while wearing spandex. Franz did krane kick with his bass in the air but rapper Curren$y isn’t glam rock.

Turnstile maintains a Fugazi personal ethic culture with an angular RZA chord progression if he chopped, and eq’d his beats into Kiwi Rocked.

Wired reinvention of alternative rock.

This doesn’t describe Turnstile’s sound but it describes record collectors who played in hardcore groups.

I’m sure Turnstile knows if they ever acted like rockstars they would be on the verge of falling off.

I am just saying: Franz’s band is popular everywhere.

“Fly Again” brought us to a BJork’s “Hunter” eeriness layered anger toward someone who doesn’t maintain personal ethics regarding taste in human interactions.

Singer Brenden Yates uses the word “bitch” in this song but it’s understood within context because Turnstile’s environment isn’t hostile to women.

Yates sounds angered as an individual. I am sure women understand anger towards betrayal.

“Fly Again” is 2022’s “Filler.”

I walked past and dapped skateboarders Lyon’s known for over a decade.

The Embassy/Igloo crew chilled like Turnstile’s show was an attended skate contest.

There was nothing that felt like rock star other than a lot of people like Turnstile and my web browser determines this band is successful.

I haven’t talked to Eric Clapton or that guy from Rascal Flats but people with Columbus music roots don’t act like rock stars.

Turnstile left the stage while I’m thinking that Turnstile performed as proficient professional musicians,

Turnstile’s Daniel Fang performed a drum solo which percussive dynamism maintained energy without seeming wanking.

It was kinda like a dejay playing an extended break while people danced except the break had technical drum rolls.

Turnstile followed a natural evolution from punk into Rock N Roll.

The band returned for “Moon” and Pink Floyd meets Clams Casino “Alien Love Call.”

Franz then took the stage and sung two songs including “No Surprise” which recommends a direct experience as imperative within culture.

Turnstile’s singer Brenden Yates returned for the shows climax which Turnstile’s radio hit, “Mystery” received an incredible reception.

Brenden Yates anchors Turnstile like someone who sat and listened while Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna’s talked for an hour about girl power and felt compelled eliciting positive endorphins explosions at his shows.

Feminism is a humanism if a man is the culprit.

Guitarist Pat McCroy pressed a couple pedals which increased the external stimulus.

Brenden Yates thanked everyone in attendance and said one of Turnstile’s homes is Columbus, Ohio.

Franz Lyons walked around in a Born and Raised Sweatshirt.

If you know Franz’s Columbus.

You know..…

If you don’t…..

A fan had fun because Turnstile understands concerts are fun and an individual’s connection music is precious regardless of race or if you believe you were born in the right time and place.

With that sensitive inclusive statement….I can with much pride state:  Kemba experienced Franz’s Columbus Saturday October 22, 2022.

The venue sold every seat in the house.

I don’t think this is coincidence