Diplomatic Cahiers
Man singing into mic

I don’t know if it’s supply and demand. I don’t know if it’s Covid. I don’t know if Trump, and his friends are waging economic sanctions within our country for criticizing the January 6th attack. I don’t know if someone wants to punish Chairman of the Budget Committee Bernie Sanders for tweeting criticism of wealthy companies by name. I don’t know if this correlates with the raised wages at places like Kroger, and Walmart.

I don’t know if this correlates with the fact Russia invaded Ukraine. Our country is supplying Ukraine with weapons which appears there is some sort of conflict between our country and Russia.

I don’t know if Republican Governor Abbot blocking agriculture shipping which cost our country $240 million dollars had something do with it.

Texas governor reversed this costly block which Texas Agriculture’s Commission called "Political Theater."

Is this a Rosie the Riveter approach if the guy sanctioning the United States of America's economy is the governor of Texas?

I pay 62 dollars for a monthly COTA pass.

While I’ve looked at BP’s gas drop price from over 4 dollars to 3.65. I don’t eat that economic sanction from Russia, Trump or the Q-Anon shaman or whomever.

My bus pass costs 62 dollars a month.

If I am out later than 10....

I Lyft, Uber or Dublin Taxi home.

My new Litterature Engagee is Bus Stile Adventures. I finally recovered from Resistance writing to admit my graffiti name is ANON….if you haven’t known me for 20 years…or aren’t involved with graffiti history.

Recently, I walked outside my house. I wanted aspirin. It was over $5 dollars at a corporate owned store.

I looked at my phone ...Whole Foods aspirin was under three dollars. I took the number 1 to the 33 and purchased aspirin.

I was in a good mood. It was Bunny day and/or resurrection of Christ celebration.

Thursday that week, I went to Skully’s to watch the Diplomat rapper Jim Jones enthrall Columbus.

I had started my day buying vegan cheese, vegan turkey and vegan sausage @ Kroger for cheap.

I took the number 1 because I also wanted to visit Walmart.

I bought frozen vegetables for 77 cents, and Schwebel’s bread for cheap.

While I feel weird saying Walmart, and Kroger are still charging normal prices for things.… I am really confused by some stores in my neighborhood overcharging everyone.

Whole Foods prices are consistent with Whole Food prices.

I’ll traverse number 1 or a 2 towards 33 Walmart. I will visit Walmart. Perhaps Whole Foods.

Is inflation a business choice which only some corporations are participating?

Or a result of a Republican Governor from Texas $240 million dollar decision to spite Biden/Harris?

I went to Walmart.

I dropped my groceries off @ home.

I took the number 1 to Skully’s to watch Jim Jones.

Jim Jones Columbus shows in 2007 years ago were $40-60 dollars.

This 2022 Diplomat show was $25 dollars.

2022 Diplomats show was $35 dollars cheaper in 2022.

I determined that while there were still police working security…

Unlike 2007 you didn’t have an entire SWAT Team with machine guns, and riot gear standing in front of the bar.

The cops still were carrying guns but it didn’t resemble military occupation of downtown Columbus.

Perhaps the reason the show was cheaper.

While, this isn’t the current inflation issue solved, it shows that inflation didn’t exist with the Diplomats in 2022.

If you don’t fight at shows…. entry will be cheaper because promoters won’t haven’t to call in the National Guard so we can listen to “Welcome to New York City.”

While this wouldn't function as analogy...entry into our country is different than blocking supply needs to be fulfilled.

It’s possible to maintain security without $240 million dollars worth of detainment at a border. I'm sure border security demands large artillery. A process that simply examined the contents of trucks would have sufficed. Detained vegetables, and other goods indefinitely cost our economy $240 million dollars.

A female cop looked at my driver’s license upon entry. I was confused why she didn’t frisk me.

A male cop assisted a Diplomats fan in a wheelchair.

After helping the wheelchair guy, I was frisked.

They had female cops to frisk women. Male police for men.

I went inside and purchased a beer. It was pre-covid prices.

There were series of opening acts, and a deejay who seemed to like rap music.

Jim Jones took the stage backed by an entourage of 15 people.

Skully’s responded with an energy which resembled the Milk Bar Era.

Jim Jones went into “We Fly High.” Jones rapped with dexterity and clarity.

I say that to say this: Jones played his newest hit, “We Set the Trends” which features Lil Wayne, Migos, Juelz Santana and DJ Khaleed.

During this song he partied, and kinda had fun with his own vocals. I was confused at first why Cam’ron’s pal went from emceeing to making it a celebrity appearance. I realized he wanted to rock “We Set the Trends” and wasn’t gonna attempt a MIGO’s impression.

We all rapped Santana's verse from “Dipset Anthem.”

Jones rocked for about 40 minutes and invited everyone to an afterparty at a nightclub.

I went outside. I was gonna Uber but decided to just walk home. The uber was only 13 dollars but I was filled with energy from watching a concert.

I plugged my headphones into my Apple phone, and listened to Ronnie Laws’ “Tidal Wave” while I walked down High Street.