Band on stage

I knew Future’s “1 Big Party Tour” at Nationwide and Ohio States women’s basketball NCAA Tourney were my week.

People watch a show on Netflix, or Hulu for a week and nothing else.

I avoided every form of entertainment except for watching OSU women’s basketball and blaring Future from my Beat’s Headphones. Dogma 23 March Madness.

The Ohio State women’s team were in NCAA playoffs. I felt like my week would have a different meaning if I immersed myself in the Lady Bucks and didn’t watch anything besides Lady Bucks, and Future.

The first couple games where Ohio State beat James Madison and North Carolina were in Columbus. We found this compelling because Senior Jacy Sheldon is from nearby suburb Dublin. Jacy’s sister Emma Sheldon could seen on the sidelines cheering Jacy. Watching Jacy make a play, and then a young girl with Down Syndrome in an OSU shirt smiling embraced the local and endearing.

Lady Buck’s Taylor Thierry wore a clunky plastic mask. It looked as if the Lady Bucks were a heartwarming film about a band of orphans or foster kids who found sports which helped outsiders find beauty within Columbus.

The Lady Bucks appeared clumsy at first. They fell behind. They missed shots. Sheldon was injured for a couple months.

We were watching OSU regain its rhythm during James Madison. The Lady Bucks nailed an eloquent fast break lay-up which Emma Sheldon applauded. This lay-up led to defensive adjustments which induced OSU free throws. Soon the Lady Bucks were almost perfect from the free throw line.

Against North Carolina, the Lady Bucks regained elite essence. The OSU team found its capabilities again and the ecstatic response of Emma Sheldon punctuated both home victories.

Jacy hugged Emma the second OSU defeated North Carolina in the second game.

Because I didn’t watch any TV but Lady Buckeyes while Future dominated my soundscape, I found Jacy and Emma as a touching visual for my week.

OSU’s guard/forward Taylor Theory’s face mask rendered the Lady Bucks scrappy underdogs within OSU road into the Elite Eight.

The harmony found high caliber basketball during OSU’s throttling of UConn who existed as a dynasty in women’s basketball. UConn appeared in 14 straight Final Four before the Lady Bucks defeated the 11 time NCAA Women’s Champions.

After watching OSU basketball women’s defeat of the dominate UConn I took the Number 1 and jumped off at Crown Plaza.

Then walked to UA PUB. I wrote about UA PUB last time because of inexpensive drinks, and banter about Wu-Tang. This brought in quite the cast of characters. If you showed up at UA Pub to look at me and drink cheap. You were entertaining.

You saw a woman physically assault a man until he left. I don’t know why she was hitting him.  That wasn’t a Trump-Sanders skirmish. That wasn’t a political disagreement. I talked with both later and explained why a women beating up a man in public wasn’t a positive scenario but perhaps assisted everyone’s Future.

I still think everyone can drink at UA Pub without conflict. 

I drank a beer before walking on the number 1 for Future without witnessing a woman bludgeon a man until he was helped out the door.

People watched March Madness without violence.

The number 1 dropped me off in front of One Nationwide Plaza. I walked into Nationwide Arena from One Nationwide Plaza.

Future addressed a packed arena in Columbus, Ohio who sang along with their  favorite rapper.  Future commanded a stage in front of a large sculpture which adored the female body in pleasure.

I looked around, amazed at the amount of people who knew the words for Future’s “I Thought It was a Drought.”

The surroundings felt like I was in a nightclub except this was Nationwide Area. The music boomed. People danced. They bought overpriced drinks. I still had my buzz from UA Pub.

Future rocked Rocko’s U.O.E.N.O.

I started thinking: Future is bigger than any other ATL Trap Influenced rapper while Future performed, “Chosen One.”

At some point Future mentioned Rick James, while feeling like Rick James and resembling Rick James.

“Honest” feels “Honest” in an Andre 3000 rapport.

I heard Future play his collab with Drake “Where Ya At?” The crowd could sing the Drake songs.

I don’t know if you’ve watched women sing line for line with a rapper. It’s impressive in an arena, en masse. I realized Drake is part of this but…there was something else at work.

Future did let everyone party with Drakes “Way 2 Sexy” which were followed with ATL’s Future rapper playing “Freak Hoes” and “Real Sisters.”

I concluded the difference between Future and Trinidad James or Little Scrappy Outkast:

  • Future’s cousin is Rico Wade who produced Outkast.
  • Outkast were the combination of Native Tongues rapping and Dr. Dre’s musical soundscape.
  • Future sounds like he didn’t ignore his cousin’s music.

Future probably isn’t vegan but he knew Andre 3000 is considered one of PETA’s Sexiest men.

Future is still new.

“Drinkin And Smokin” had everyone helping Future with Lil Uzi Vert’s part.

That understanding of music sends Future into Prince, and Rick James understanding of music.

Future rocks trap music but visualizes within the history of music. Future connects Rick James with Lil Uzi Vert with a feeling of wherever disco, booty house, and Miami bass would find Portishead and Model 500.

Rapped over this understanding of music is a textured delivery of persona. Future sells relationships and sex with a feeling with a range trap music’s machismo doesn’t often relay.

As the show continued, I realized Future’s catalog was filled with albums. Yes, Future killed the mixtape circuit. Future looks at songwriting with melody and musicianship which Rocko didn’t.

Future’s catalog is filled with complete albums.

I ain’t clowning anyone. I just knew Nationwide Arena was filled top to bottom. I felt like we were at Gucci Mane’s local residence Club Ice….except Future’s Club Ice is where the Blue Jackets play NHL games. The hits kept rolling..

“Fuck Up Some Commas” started a frenzy which found crescendo at 10 songs later at “Lick Back” and cuddled with the women in Nationwide Arena during “Turn on the Lights.” which parlayed with Rihanna’s “Love Song.”

Future sang “I Won.” A song that features K. West. You thought about Kanye West like you think about Michael Jackson.

Future is as big as Julius Irving or Lebron James these days. Future had presence and audience of a rock star with someone which was still something ominous.

While everyone was bumping “Mask Off” after “Love You Better,” I contemplated “Mask Off’ which was release before anyone ever knew something like covid would occur. Future’s timing is impeccable.  “Mask Off” felt like a celebration of naked face springtime 2023. “March Madness” between “Mask Off” and “Love You Better” felt like the Lady Bucks in the Elite Eight, Farleigh Dickinson upsetting Purdue, and Florida Atlantic’s name making you love Southern Rap.

Future ended with “Superhero” which felt apt and abrupt. Even though Future rocked 40 plus songs…Future left the entire Nationwide Arena wanting another song.

Future delivered “One Big Party.” While that sounds like a rap tour’s name Future delivered one of hip hop’s fundamental promises. Future determined all party people in the house, were barracked, shocked and amazed

Monday, I visited Worthington’s Zaftig Location for local meeting in support of the Humane League’s campaign against Battery Cages.

Battery Cages are a practice of storing animals in cramped cages where live animals are stacked liked packed items in a container. Imagine taking your suitcase and it with live animals for a prolonged time until they were killed.

Humane League were writing postcards reminding companies who agreed that torturing animals wouldn’t exist in their companies process if they agreed they should not use Battery Cages. I found an interesting conversation led by vegan Erica Davidson with people who weren’t vegan but agreed animals shouldn’t be subjected into miserable conditions. Humane League were writing letters to companies who agreed but hadn’t changed.

One of the ladies was involved with farming as a youth. Our discussing determined she said meat tastes better if the animals aren’t harmed with fecal matter, and things that constrict the blood flow, and breathing of animals.

Something which is unhealthy for animals is unhealthy for people who are eating the animal.

 I concluded improving agriculture’s product would show capitalism can improve its product.

I’m vegan. Erica Davidson and I were vegans at this meeting. We found consensus torturing animals for an inferior product was a detriment for consumers, and animals. We all supported agriculture growth as an industry instead of regression.

I looked up Humane League upon returning home. I appreciated as a vegan finding out Humane League exists.

I walked from Zaftig. I painted freight near there. I had the option of a ten minute walk and taking the number 4 south. Instead, I walked near the tracks towards the library. Freights, the library  and a beer will result in the scenic route.

I caught the 102 near Porch Growler after drinking a flight of Land Grant current concoction.

I watched the OSU women compete with Virginia Tech from my phone. OSU coulda won but....sometimes the shots don’t drop threes like they desire. Lady Bucks still had a good show.

Ohio State’s shooting went cold in our loss to Virginia Tach in the elite eight.

I think everyone in Columbus got to know the Sheldon sisters, Taylor Thierry, Cutie McMahon, and rest of the Lady Bucks.

I know between watching Future, and the Lady Bucks for a week,  I can pick up my Visconti’ movies feeling fulfilled. I can watch TV and movies feeling refreshed.

Columbus, we are proud and inspired by our Lady Bucks.