Protest in DC

I received an invite: the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) organized a protest at the Supreme Court in defense of reproductive freedom. People could ride a bus from Ohio into DC for ACLU’s Supreme Court rally, 3-26-2024. The Supreme Court was taking arguments which would ban abortion pills….the case against abortion pills was weak. The case wouldn’t prove there was enough evidence to overrule the Food and Drug Administration’s approval. Sometimes the Supreme Court rejects underdeveloped arguments regardless of the Justices’ political bias.

While I believe Trump should be removed from the ballot because of his violating the insurrection clause…the Colorado case removing Trump from the ballot failed because the REPUBLICANS who presented removing Trump from the ballot didn’t have a conviction of Trump for insurrection.

We know Trump’s Supreme Court nominees overturned Roe V. Wade….I’m pro-choice.

I looked at the email about ACLU’s Capital City protest…I could jump on a bus in Columbus, Ohio…3/26/2024. The bus would drop us off at the Capital Building 3/26/2024. I hadn’t visited Washington D.C. since 2013. In 2013, I didn’t know Trump would run for president in 2016. In 2013, I didn’t know anything about Trump.

I knew Trump owned Trump Towers. R. Kelly lived at Trump Towers. I wasn’t into Trump. I didn’t like R. Kelly urinating on little girls. I didn’t think I had input in regards of Donald Trump’s pedophilia enabling.

In 2013, I didn’t know Trump would organize white supremacists in an attack on the Capital January 6, 2021. In 2013, I didn’t know Trump would use R. Kelly’s publicist to harass election workers in 2020. I don’t know if R. Kelly’s publicist advised peeing on little girls.

I looked at the calendar…3-26-2024…in 2013, I didn’t know Trump would make abortion illegal with his choices for Supreme Court.

I could ride a bus into Washington DC for American Civil Liberties Union Rally in support of Reproductive Freedom. We left around midnight. We arrived in the morning. I watched the various speakers discuss reproductive bans affecting their lives. I watched various speakers announce abortion’s popularity with voters. I agreed the majority of people support abortion.

ACLU introduced a march of large scroll of signatures which spanned the entire sidewalk area which adjoined the Capital Building and Supreme Court. Women cheered and applauded. A man ran into the audience with a bible and yelled something.

We experienced counter-protests by people who oppose reproductive freedom. One group of people were screaming anti-choice statements. The American Civil Liberties Union’s speakers had microphones, and a sound system. Pro-choice speakers were louder. One of the speakers found a solution where the majority could drown out the pro-life speakers…she had everyone chant.

“Just to get us in the vibe…We are going to do a little chanting. Our Bodies. Our Lives. Our Decisions. Our Courts. Our Bodies. Our Lives. Our Decisions. Our Courts. Our Bodies. Our Lives.Our Decisions. Our Courts. Awesome.”

Everyone drowns out the pro-life protestors with: “OUR BODIES. OUR LIVES. OUR DECISIONS. OUR COURTS.”

Everyone was pleased with their strength in voices.

“Give Yourself a round of applause.” 

Once the speaker knew the audience would participate in call and response. The woman brought up the fact that a small minority of hecklers were interrupting a well-attended pro-choice event. She said, “We’ve got some anti-abortion folks over there…..” The women booed. The woman smiled at the audience response..

“We should make up our own lyrics..…”

“I’m gonna ask you to indulge me….it’s really deep…” The women’s jingle: “Pills Pills Pills, Pills, Pills. Pills. Abortion. Pills…..” She added ”I’m a dork. I have small children. If that music comes on. Feel free to sing over it.”

The anti-abortion disruption returned. Woman at the podium: “You ready…..”

The woman led the 1000s of women in the impromptu sing-song:

“Pills, Pills, Pills, Pills, Pills, Pills, Abortion Pills. We love Abortion. We love pills. We love Abortion. We love abortion.”

The women continued until everyone was laughing. The anti-abortion counter-protestors knew they couldn’t disrupt. This created a fun mood. The joke-song diffused the hecklers’ attempt of creating tension. I know everyone was in a positive mood after she led the song. I didn’t feel out of place as a nihilist rap critic who supports abortion.

The next speaker was announced…Jamie Manson…. President of Catholics for Choice. She appealed to every marketing instinct in my body.

“My name is Jamie Manson. I’m a proud Catholic woman who supports abortion access. As president of Catholics For Choice I represent the 92 percent of Catholics who disagree with the Catholic Church on abortion rights.”

Everyone woman in attendance erupted in applause. Fact Check: reported in 2022…. 76 percent of all Catholics support abortion.

Women applauded at every word she said about women of faith supporting choice. Religion and reproductive freedom are personal for women. I felt it was important that women who are spiritual found a Catholic leader.

Then….the hostess said, “I told you I had a special, special surprise. There’s a reason to get your cameras out right now … New York Attorney General, the Latitia James..”

Women started screaming like she was the Beatles. Latitia James is the woman who prosecuted Donald Trump for fraud. Latitia James proved Trump used inflation as business habit.

I repeat, Latitia James is the New York Attorney General who prosecuted Donald Trump for fraud.

During the Q-Ano -era, I’ve contemplated my graffiti ANON legacy that predates Q-Anon.

I wrote under the name ANON...this cultural existence gave my music blogging credibility.

I wasn’t allowing Donald Trump to steal my name in an attempt to make alt-right cool from the Capital Riots. People in public relations had suggested I should use Anon as a conversational tool.  Muslim rappers have encouraged me using ANON in support of Palestinians. I support Palestinian human rights. I oppose Islamaphobia and anti-Semitism.

I understand publicists’ recommendations.

I’m applying ANON toward NY Attorney General Latitia James. Letitia James investigated Democrat Andrew Cuomo for 11 charges of sexual assault. Letitia James sued the Catholic Church for mishandling child sex abuses. Latitia James sued the New York Police Department over its abuse of 2020 Black Lives Matter protestors. Leticia James sued Wayne LePierre of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

I think we all agree. Women shouldn’t experience rape. Children shouldn’t experience child molestation. George Floyd’s murder was a valid reason for protest. The NRA is a charity which results in school shootings of children.

Wes Flexner aka ANON opposes rape, child molestation, George Floyd’s killing, and school shootings…

Letitia James is responsible for Donald Trump’s fraud litigation. Violating personal truths are part of the Trump fraud implementation.

Women care about women’s bodies. People care about spirituality. 

Donald Trump’s culture of dishonesty is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced.

Latitia James spoke with complete confidence because she had truth on her side in her prosecution of Trump. Latitia James received a standing ovation for every single proclamation. Latitia James demanded reproductive freedom for woman.

Latita James declared….“Equal access to all and that includes abortion. Abortion must be legal. It must be accessible.”

Everyone understood Donald Trump banned abortion with his Supreme Court nominations.

Latitia James was the woman who held Trump accountable for implementing a sexist, bigoted culture of lies. We were watching our champion declare victory over fascism.

I returned into Columbus, Ohio later….I rode the bus the next day… realizing I’d just witnessed the woman who held Donald Trump accountable for his culture of dishonesty.

I believe the truth will defeat Donald Trump.

This week:

FISA was overturned..


Majority of Democrats voted in overturning FISA.

Only 19 Republicans opposed the Surveillance intrusion..

Republicans in Arizona used Trump’s overturning of Roe v. Wade to reinstate an abortion ban that existed before women could vote.