Kraftwerk concert

I’m woefully bored. I feel like instead of krautrock. We are living in an era which didn’t respect histories poem. I’ve tried looking into why Reconstruction wasn’t effective, I’ve determined our government appeased unlikable fascist losers. Trump’s cultural dishonesty receives too much appeasement.

Prior to sleeping I scour several cities Craigslists for where I might escape. I try to determine if Donald Trump’s Ohio domination over Hillary Clinton, and Biden is why I shouldn’t live in Columbus, Ohio.

If you know…..anywhere is better than here is my constant mantra.

I received an email. Kraftwerk at Express Live Friday May 17. I pondered….who would open for Kraftwerk?

A quick web browsing determined Kraftwerk performs for two hours, prompt without openers. Kraftwerk is one of the groups who invented everything. Kraftwerk influenced Juan Atkins and his friends who invented Techno in Detroit.


One of my favorite definitions of Hip Hop from Ego Trip Magazine Book Of Rap Lists I couldn’t find online. Kraftwerk’s influence on Afrika Bambaataa allows a joke about Hip Hop being invented in 1970 Germany. I don’t know Kraftwerk’s opinions about factology.


Which returns us to fact that I was bored….

Kraftwerk and Krautrock music are credited with reinventing Germany after the holocaust killed six million Jews. Future was Germany’s only option.

After January 6, 2021 and Covid, I expected a reinvention of culture after Fascist Trump lost. Instead of a reinvention, Trump’s culture of dishonesty continued to make everything boring.

I looked at Kraftwerk as an Oasis. I decided we’d give this promoting riding COTA another adventure.

I’m extraordinary at riding the number 2.

I gandered at the bus riders. There was a man with sculptured hair wearing a Rush t-shirt. The man’s hair was neat without a fade. I was impressed at the curl at the bottom.  He didn’t have a mullet either. I was amused this man’s composition of appearance. He looked as if he liked smart music, I felt like he watches Dr. Who and perhaps read Ulrike Meinhof

I asked him if he was attending the Devo Concert. I’d spent the evening before with looking at Devo online. I saw Devo played the Warhol Kaws opening in Pittsburgh.

He looked confused at my question because there wasn’t a Devo concert.

I realized I’d said Devo. I corrected, “You watching Kraftwerk tonight.”


The man said, “I wanna see Kraftwerk but I’m broke.”

I wondered if I interrupted his reminiscing of Ulrike Meinhof with a reminder that the COTA riding Rush fan wasn’t watching Kraftwerk either.

I hoped he’d rented a film from CML.

I wondered if people who were weird, and smart who liked Kraftwerk had money.

I jumped off the bus at Nationwide. I walked into the Arena District. I saw a huge line for proto-everything. I was relieved. Kraftwerk, like Turnstile, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar proved Trump’s dishonesty hadn’t ruined Columbus.

I walked in. I glanced over the balcony. The entire room was filled with those who appreciated the future without fascism circa 1970. I contemplated I was standing in a balcony.

Kraftwerk are performance legends who use a large screen with text. Ralf Hütter, Fritz Hilpert, Henning Schmitz, Falk Grieffenhagen perform with keyboards in front of the screen.

If your new, I feel like should say for new people: If you like Daft Punk or Diplo…..Kraftwork invented electronic music performance.

I determined the balcony corner wasn’t quite experiencing Kraftwerk. I walked downstairs and ran into various groups of people I knew. Everyone was kinda humbled.


I decided this was one of the most important music experiences of my life. I should stand somewhere. In conversation, people didn’t determine who would be a worthy opener for Kraftwerk.


Kraftwerk took the stage in Columbus, Ohio. The screen showed letters, and digits. Sesame Street, and Kraftwerk founded around the same time. I decided tonight I would pretend I was a child, and regenerate.

1981’s Computer World played. The words CiA, KGB and FBI were amongst important words flashed behind Kraftwerk. Communication, entertainment keep flashing behind me who picked outfits which aren’t outdated in 2024.

I’m thinking about the day Computer World was written. IBM introduced Personal Computers in 1981. Kraftwerk’s uses same computer image from the beginning of computers.

I’m thinkng CIA, KGB …Kraftwerk was there.

Russia used to have communism as their idealogical cool.

I spent 2016-2020 deciding Russia embraced branding errors by supporting Trump’s right-white fascism. Socialism at least sells the idea of economic equality.  Instead, Russian became another empowerment of ignorant racism. On October 7, 2023 Russia supported Hamas raping Israeli women.

I demand a ceasefire. I think Palestinians should become the new Japanese. World War 2 learned inflation and destroying a country creates fascism. Our country, oil money, and world stability makes Palestine’s current oppression unnecessary.

Japan didn’t lose their culture after WW2. Japan should exist as a template for Gaza.

Russia didn’t say this. Russia applauded Palestine raping Israeli women.

Republicans must be experiencing cognitive dissonance. Republican love Putin but demand genocide of Palestinians.

I’m sorry…I forgot this was a Kraftwerk review…..

The words CIA/KGB were relevant in my point.

Kraftwerk played Home Computer/ Computer World 2. While I was contemplating computers…Kraftwerk segued from Spacelab into…Radioactivity, Radioland, Airwaves, the Voice of Energy, Antenna, Radio Stars, Uranium, and Transistor were performed while color changes looked design cool while we studied sound process from creation into distribution of music.

Kraftwerk’s enigma was that Kraftwerk sung about the human condition while revealing the process of technological evolution.

Kraftwerk’s The Man Machine, and Electric Cafe contest is the 1970, 80’s and 90’s computer evolution with an understanding that cars once changed everything.

People didn’t complain once Autobahn started. Autobahn song length is 22:43. We left the information superhighway for Europe’s famous freedom road.

Kraftwerk followed Autobahn with the only song which sounds like a radio hit. The Model is under 4 minutes.

The Model sings, “She’s a model and she’s looking good/I’d like to take her home/it’s understood.”

RIP Steve Albini.

We spent over an hour contemplating the internet, radio and all things that could be communicated.

Kraftwerk proved they weren’t port dorks by taking us on a bold spin around the Autobahn.

We landed at: “She’s a model and she’s looking good/I’d like to take her home/it’s understood.”

We all agreed: Fucking attractive people is fun.

Kraftwerk returned to their freedom in transportation theme with bike riding.

Tour De France/ Tour de France / Prologue / Tour de France Étape 1 / Chrono / Tour de France Étape 2 reminded us…We were online…We Drove…We Fucked a model.

Now we are riding a bike around France. After riding our bike..,everyone in the room Planet Rocked for 30 minutes as a finale.

People didn’t laugh at my attempts at breakdown battles.

Kraftwerk can play 22 minute songs because Kraftwerk’s entire concert looks cool. Kraftwerk’s minimal science fiction costumes look cool. The lighting looks cool. The text and images from the screen look cool and provoke thought.

I wasn’t disappointed by Kraftwerk.

I know peer pressure is saying fascism and cultural dishonesty is the only option because Donald Trump should be worshipped. I didn’t see any of these horrible individuals at Kraftwerk.

I wasn’t disappointed by Kraftwerk.

I believe Trump will need to be incarcerated before our society can build an infrastructure for the future.