Black background and words Solidarity Rally '17 November 17th and more info about the event

Friday, November 17, 6:30-9:30pm
Genoa Park 303 W Broad St 
Join us to stand in solidarity!
We have some amazing and exciting things planned for Friday, the 17th including speakers representing many minority groups who have been affected by Donald Trump's actions and executive orders. There will also be multiple entertainers joining us and sharing their art. Thus far we have booked singers, poets, choirs and more. We are honored to work with such an amazing activist community and could not be any more excited to plan this evening of fun and solidarity for everyone. 

History of the solidarity rally:
On November 10th, 2016 Columbus activists gathered together to support each other in the wake of Donald Trump being elected president. We knew that this election was going to negatively impact people from all walks of life. 3,000 wonderful, diverse, and loving people came together to show Columbus (and the rest of the world) that Love Trumps Hate. It's now been a year since Trump has been elected as president and it's only getting worse. He's targeted immigrants, Black lives Matter, the LBGTQ Community, women and many others since becoming president. Join Stop Trump Columbus in proving that LOVE TRUMPS HATE once again!

We encourage the African American, LBGTQ, Latino, and Muslim communities, as well as women, men and children of all ages and races to come out and take part in this peaceful rally.

We look forward to standing side by side with you on the 17th.



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