Gail Larned

Here is my story, my vision of a possible future. I encourage you to think about and write down YOUR vision for the future. How would you create the future if it could be any way you liked? We can create a future utopia if we focus our thoughts, energy and passion on it. And work for change now.

And so it began: the SHIFT, the change, the transformation that we all created together. It is precious and powerful, peaceful and strong.

The new matriarchy is a return to the rule of women, the mothers, nurturers and healers. After millennia of men making a mess of the world, women were going to put things right. Women’s priorities are to provide the basic necessities of life: food, shelter and love.

You ask how it all began, the SHIFT. I’ll tell you the tale. It all started in the early 2000s. The Society was in crisis. Everyone chose sides: red or blue, black or white, us or them. Marshall McKluen said after the iconic photo of the Earth from space that it would initiate a Paradigm Shift to a One World consciousness. But there would be fierce resistance to the change (New Cheese) in the form of intense tribal instincts: my clan, my tribe, my party, my race, my church.

The country was awash in guns. They were everywhere! And children were being gunned down in their schools. Repeatedly! And nothing changed after decades of these atrocities.

People were stressed over Global warming, politics, the economy and healthcare. There was no political will to address the most pressing issues of the day.

Fortunately, the PEOPLE understood very well what was at stake. They believed the science that was playing out in their lives with huge hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. Massive storms were creating flooding on a Biblical scale. The farmers were going bankrupt from drought and flood cycles. The handwriting was on the wall: we were in an environmental crisis.

And, miraculously, something started to shift, you could feel it in the air. The people were demanding action on climate change! They were marching in the streets and in the halls of Congress. This passion for change swept a new president onto the White House, the first woman president of the United States.

Immediately upon taking office she set in motion a series of actions that would launch the most aggressive environmental policy in the world called “The Gaia Initiative.” It created millions of good jobs in the energy sector creating and developing renewable energy sources. Light rail replaced passenger cars. Waterways were cleaned up and strict laws addressed runoff from farms and cities.

Young people were passionate about solving the problems that we had created. Their futures were at stake and they rose to the challenge. They created brilliant solutions to the most urgent issues around climate change.

Suddenly, the way it seems to happen with Paradigm shifts, the mood in the land was of optimism and hope for the future. Yes, we had massive problems, but TOGETHER we could and would put things right. There arose an awareness that we are all connected, part of this beautiful existence on Earth.

There was a shift in attitudes and policies around healthcare, education and immigration. The arts were finally recognized to be crucial to a balanced human psyche and were supported by the govt. Guns were banned and people willingly turned in their guns for compensation from the government.

There was a palpable sense of kindness. People smiled at each other, made eye contact and recognized a kindred spirit.

Issues of poverty and homelessness were addressed in part thru govt. beautification projects that created parks and murals everywhere.  Healthcare was universal and excellent. Everyone who wanted to could attend college.

People were encouraged and counseled to “follow their bliss” and find out what their particular talent of gift was. People became happy.

Those with abundance shared with those in need. Taxes were finally equitable. The wealthier one was, the more they’d profited from society, the more they contributed to the common good. And, happily, the majority of the wealthiest initiated huge grants and gifts to aid in the resurrection of our civil society.

The elderly were revered for their accumulated knowledge and were loved and cared for. All of the children in society were cherished by all. Everyone watched out for the children, the blessed children who were the future. Their health and well-being was the number priority: every decision made took into account how it would impact the children’s future. And how they prospered! They were brilliant, luminous beings. They too had shifted to a higher level of awareness. They had an awareness of one another much like mycelium: they were all connected psychically. They knew they were spiritual beings having a human experience on Earth.

So, those children grew up and created the magnificent scene before you, The Garden of Now. We all collectively own the Earth, air and water. Actually, it’s more accurate to say that we are all stewards of our planet.

Everyone works a few hours a day for the community gardening, working in a dairy, or clinic  or in many other jobs. People have meaningful work that satisfies their need to contribute and feel connected.

Violence has all but disappeared. All video or media and virtual reality depictions of violence are banned.

Everywhere you see people doing yoga, tai chi, walking, biking ... Most folks spend several hours a day out doors and can walk to their work and other necessities. With improved physical health comes better mental health and vice versa.

There’s music in the air. One of the jobs you can have is street musician. Spontaneous dance parties are common whenever a crown gathers around a street band, dancing ensues. It feels like we are one huge family, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers working to create a bright future for the children and to celebrate our Mother Earth.