Gail Larned

I have been a spiritual seeker over the last several decades.  Along the way, I have studied a variety of teachings from different traditions, spiritual masters and accumulated wisdom. For many years I attended a psychic development class. I trust in things I can’t see or prove except in my own experience, in my gut.

In this program, I will share those influences on my understanding of the nature of reality and the many paths to the goal of “Conscious Creation.

In this inaugural program I am reading one of my favorite sources, channeled wisdom form a group of ascended masters transmitting as Emmanual.

“Whenever the feeling comes over you that you have no choices, I urge you to call a halt to everything. This is a trick you play on yourself to avoid the responsibility and therefore the joy of life.

Envision, instead, what it is you truly want. Test it. Be careful of this, my friends, because if you envision something quite casually, even though you may not be sure you want it, it will manifest.

This is neither magic or false hope. It is the REALITY OF THE POWER OF YOUR CREATIVE IMPULSE.

This is why it is so important to develop self-awareness to the depths of your ability so that no creation can come about in your life without you having made the choice.

You have designed your life yourself. You have created nothing in your outer reality that is a stranger to you..

The inestimable joy of human manifestation is to see around you in what seem to be outer circumstances what you truly believe as a soul.

Look at your physical manifestation as a symbol and view your body as an extention of your soul, the spoken word of your being.


Emmanuel is speaking about the Law of Attraction that states that we attract to us that which we give our energy and attention to. In other words, what we focus on is what shows up. We really do “reap what we sow.”

When we view our lives as fulfilling and recognize the blessings that are ours, we embody the essence of an “Attitude of Gratitude”. This attitude draws more of the same our way – a full and satisfying life.

Conversely, when one focuses on lack and loss , dwelling on perceived injustices and on what they don’t have, they draw THOSE experiences into their lives, as well.

Emmanuel says to be careful what you ask for “because if you envision something quite casually, even though you may not be sure you want it, it will manifest.”

The Universe is set up to give us what we want and desire. However, it doesn’t distinguish whether the energy is something you want or fear. It delivers those experiences that we put the most thought and energy into. Remember the saying “ worrying is wishing for what you don’t want”? THAT is exactly the point.

Gary Zukav says in The Seat of the Soul

“In order to make a responsible choice you must ask yourself, for each choice you are considering,

“What will this produce? Do I really want to create that? Am I ready to accept all of the consequences of this choice?”

Project yourself into the probable future that will unfold with each choice that you are considering. Do this not with intention but simply to test the waters, to get the feel for what you are considering creating. See how you feel. Ask yourself, “ Is this what I really want?” and then decide.

When you take the consequences of your choice into your decision, and when you choose to remain conscious, THAT is responsible choice.

Mindfulness, Awareness. Consciousness.

“ Your life is not your master, it is your child.”

Think about it.