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“Waiting is full.” That’s what my husband Eric always says: waiting is full of whatever we put into it. It could be irritation, anxiety, excitement or boredom.

We are all in a waiting game here. Waiting to see what’s going to happen next. Hour by hour things change and evolve; that outcome uncertain.

Not only are we waiting, with all of its baggage, but we’re being told to do it inside, away from others. “Shelter In Place” is what it’s called, really hard is what it is. “Stay home, when you’re out, stay 6’ apart and wear a mask.” For many, your jobs are on hold and for most that is a scary prospect. So, there’s fear in the waiting.

But you know what? There’s so much love in there too. It’s everywhere from the balconies in Italy to our own neighborhoods. People are singing and howling to one another saying “I’m here, too. You’re not in this alone. We’ve got this!”

The virus is a re-set button for life on Earth. It will never be “the same,” it can’t be. It’s a Paradigm Shift: one day the world was one way and the next it is a totally different environment. And we’re ALL having this experience at the same time. TOGETHER. “Imagine all the people living life as one.” We’re having a global shared experience that reminds us that we’re all humans on the planet and the virus doesn’t discriminate between race, creed or political affiliation.

Someone asked me how to “Be Here Now” when here and now isn’t so great. My answer: distract yourself from what it is you don’t want to look at. Change your focus. If you are obsessed with COVID and all of the drama and fear around that, and you aren’t happy there, change you focus. Watch puppy videos, re-runs of “Friends.” Do a project, learn a language, hone a skill, do yoga, read a book, learn to cook. Take a walk in the woods. As Emmanuel said: “Your life is not your master, it is your child.” If you don’t like where you are, CHANGE IT.

So, as I reflect on COVID one year later, I’m struck by how much hasn’t changed. We’re still wearing masks and maintaining 6’ apart, mostly. However, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the Scientific community, we now have vaccines. We can begin to see things loosen up a little. One thing is sure, WE ARE STILL WAITING to see what the world will look like when we are fully back to a COVID-free, maskless life.

My advice until then, create what you want the world, your life to be post-covid and write it down. Paint a picture of it, sing a song about it, take a walk and envision it as clearly and passionately as you can. Not only will it take you out of your covid-funk, it will elevate your spirit and make you feel better.