Here we are, on the cusp of 2021. Thank the Goddess. COVID has been dominating our lives since March. We all know someone who has died because of the pandemic. It has changed our lives in ways we don’t even know yet. It has been devastating for the whole world!

And then there’s DT, our drama queen of a president. He is acting like the man-child he is, resisting reality and stoking the fires of division to save his own ass. He continues to hold “super-spreader events,” not wearing a mask or encouraging his followers to wear them. He is in denial about the results of the election. He’s never been told “no” and he’s never lost anything. He’s acting out like the spoiled child he is, refusing to concede the election. All of this is very alarming and stressful. What are we to do?

The Law of Attraction says “That which is like onto itself is drawn.” In other words, “what we resist, persists.” What we are fearful of is drawn towards us and what we celebrate is also drawn to us. We are the creators of our lives with our thoughts.

Every action was once an idea, a thought. Every creation of mankind started out as someone’s idea, energy in the form of thought. Every physical manifestation began with a thought, whether consciously or unconsciously. That’s why we are cautioned to “be careful what you wish for.” Be sure it is something you really want in your life and then give it your attention in the form of thought.

So, what we resist persists because we are giving so much energy to it. “Worrying is wishing for what you DON’T want.” What kind of world do you want to create out of this experience? During this time of forced isolation from others, focus on what it is you DO want: make a list, write a story, poem or song. Make a picture or sculpture of it. Day-dream about it. Tell your story to your pod, post it to your page.

Practice an “Attitude of Gratitude” in your life. Embrace THAT energy: the sense that you have enough, instead of focusing on all of the suffering in the world. That’s not to say ignore it. Not at all. Do what you can from wherever you are. And be grateful for your breath, for your life.

Of course it is normal to resist all of the bull s**t  and we should to the best of our ability. But don’t let it consume you. Turn off the news. Take a walk, read a book, take a nap. In other words, find what gives you joy and do that. Practice nurturing your spirit. The problems will still be there, only you will be able to separate yourself from them.  “Your life is not your master, it is your child.”