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Jay-Z and Cam'Ron publicly squashed their beef last month during Jay-Z’ s BSIDES + Album Cuts show by performing “Welcome To New York City” at Webster Hall.  Makes listening to music less complicated for this Columbus rap critic.

Jay-Z’s rap impact seems almost absurd. Dipset making Columbus their second home during the Roc-a-Fella era was something this rap fan personally cherishes.

Jay-Z owned Roc-A-Fella with Cam’ron’s BFF Dame Dash.

You can hear Hov’s concert via We were excited and played a snippet via Bboys Steal Attention. This new radio show plays via in Columbus. Ohio 92.7 and 98.3 @ 7pm Thursdays.

Both shows appeared online in April. I didn’t know Jay-Z was planning this.

While it’s possible Hov was surfing the web and found my show.

Let’s be more practical: Jay-Z and myself both liking rap music isn’t surprising at all.

I would like to congratulate Columbus’ the Fallen regarding their new release, “Stick Yo Self” EP with French based Decision Making Theory Records/Knotweed Records in March.

The Fallen is the minimal industrial side of technological music with melodies and bpms that aren’t gothic.

The Columbus duo’s ep starts with “The Flex” which begins with a quick repetitive drum kick which allow the rhythm to bring in subtlety which builds organically without much dramatics until there’s a complete sound. “Omicron” is similar with its beginning, except with a drum that is at a dancing pace from the start. The sounds are more immediate for this track. There are warm trickles and layers throughout the song until it ends with what sounds like birds chirping in the morning.

The final sound “Whatthewas” begins with a chopped-in-half keyboard over the drum which in repetition allows a small keyboard reverb to develop into something nearly as simplistic but with sounds to the complete body of a song because of rhythm understanding and vocal samples.

The Fallen are currently playing shows in Europe.

While Europeans who like NSBM and Columbus Electronic music don’t really have much in common…. it seems like neither watched Lords of Chaos.

The box office flop that was Lords of Chaos exemplifies why the resurgence of the alt right is inconveniencing for everyone. Ten years ago you could’ve watched a movie about a black metal band which involves murder without much thought. Probably would’ve bumped Cam’Ron just before viewing.

In 2019, Lords of Chaos was unappealing because every day we awaken with news of a white terrorist killing someone, or a school shooting.

Lords of Chaos is a movie about 80’s Metal group Mayhem.

Everything is so harsh these days it’s little wonder no one wanted to watch Lords of Chaos. Didn’t see a movie I would’ve watched 10 years ago. Church burnings and murder were things I just wasn’t in the mindset to intake for 90 minutes. The alt-right probably doesn’t even help bands like Mayhem.

Narrow-minded old white men aren’t listening to Mayhem. Think sectarian white women are more likely to make abortion illegal or purify metal?

Apartheids probably don’t like weird music unless they are recluses. Bigotry is a political ideal that doesn’t have function except to divide people.

What does a human do to have fun without being bogged down with the shortcomings of his fellow humans?

Why not watch Columbus metal band Navium at Comfest?


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