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 As 2016 begins, here is my take on things. People, who espouse aging liberal political economic analysis, lack substance to challenge the Capitalist attacks on workers shriveled by underfunded compensation packages, inadequate Health Care, nationalist worker organizations and evaporating retirement/pension systems.
  First, the Capitalist worldview is to juice the workers for all the value that is produced. Second, what is worse, working families are without a clear vision of a future demanding what families need.
  Capitalism is an economic system that directs political affiliations and aspirations, decapitate thought from action, desiccate Mother Earth resources for myopic profitability, and shrivel the life of working families. The system eviscerates all imagination.
  Working Class families are blinded by the lights of a fast approaching train and appear inattentive to an inevitable collision between Human capacity and social imperative. As a result of underfunded retirement systems, stagnate compensation packages, and failed financial institutions, working class dreams disappear. Capitalists and their mouthpiece legislators promote dispirited political solutions as the only option forward.
  Many proposals are used as a means to divert working families' attention from the economic system that dictates perceived reality.
  Case in point is the Affordable Care Act. The ACA moves the ball toward a goal of health insurance sustainability at the expense of Health Care access. Under the ACA, the universal right to Health Care escapes working families. The US Capitalists remain the only major economic power to not provide a universal Health Care system. Health Care is not a program that Capitalists can dole out to its workers.
  The ACA finances a charity program for the corporate insurance industry. The ACA does not provide long-term care, or appropriate services at point of need. Health Care is not a means to enrich the Capitalists class. However under the ACA "for-profit" schemes, profitability and consumerism are the success measurements within this American Democracy. While the working class faces a growing dysfunctional nature of the Capitalist worldview, workers remain as loyal as a lap dog to its abusive owner.
  Another consideration is that pension and retirement system eligibility requirements continue to rise, and the vision of the Capitalists becomes more myopic. Workers experience the gap between expected outcomes and actual sustainability of social policy. Historic expectations that a worker provides productivity and the Capitalist shares the scraps from the profit table to fund compensation and retirement systems are being disrupted (if ever, they were not fantasy). Workers, who are not at the table, are finding themselves part of the vulture's meal (record high corporate mergers in 2015). The Capitalist rants (and the chorus sung by their flunkies) state, "…since they provide the jobs, social policy must follow their lead." However, those claims promote worker insecurity.
  The Working Class battle cry is "…organize and control…" pension/retirement, Health Care and compensation systems that concretize family security and sustainability in a changing world. As working family organizations emerge, where signs of resistance grow, there is a different wind blowing across the shriveled shell of the working class. As evidence gathers that the Capitalist worldview represents anachronistic solutions to the actual Human condition, the working class leaders are beginning to join the rank and file working families who clamor for change.
  I only hope that working families will take up their historic role and carry the banner of change from the Capitalist worldview. We see challenges from a presidential candidate to the corporate electoral system, from a growing alliance among social justice organizations that represent 50 million voters, and from the angst made evident in populace language. An anti-Capitalist worldview must challenge the leadership driving the USS Titanic to the iceberg before we all drink the frozen Kool-aid prepared for us by Capitalism. Agitation and change take analysis, vision, and advocacy; I hope we are ready to do the work. I would like to join the conversation.
  All Rise for the People and the Planet! Power to the People!

Peace, Mark D. Stansbery


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