White man with a helmet on a big smile, and a camouflage jacket

Bruce Thomas Duncanson “General Bruce” born December 20, 1958, passed on to peace and glory April 15, 2018. He was a passionate peace and environmental activist, loving son, brother and friend to all. He was a familiar face at the Free Press Second Saturday Salons and at Comfest each year. 

Bruce first got started with peace activism while living in Minnesota. He was a part of the anti-nuclear movement that was working to prevent nuclear war and eliminate the threat of nuclear bombs. It was here that he also came up with the idea for a Peace Army. Bruce had struggled with mental health and he realized the value that people who had mental health problems could contribute to society rather than being marginalized. His idea the Peace Army for Mental Health was one of the many inspirational ideas he came up with over his lifetime of activism. His work as an advocate for the peace army is how he became known as General Bruce to many in the anti-war movement. See Bruce describe it himself on YouTube at –

Later in 2006 Bruce got involved with the newly formed Indymedia and Video the Vote. He helped interview voters and try to prevent the kinds of electoral mishaps that were rampant in Ohio in 2004. Bruce was a strong believer in the notion of creating alternative media and a favorite project of Bruce was to create DVD video compilations of various videos he found interesting and informative of alternative viewpoints. Bruce was also skeptical of the official explanation of 9-11 and worked to share viewpoints critical of those who used 9-11 as an excuse to go to war.

When the oil/gas extraction technique known as fracking started to happen in Ohio Bruce was on the front-line informing people of the environmental dangers created by this practice. While living in Licking County he worked with local environmentalists to organize tabling to inform the public of the practice and to oppose the spreading of fracking waste salt as a deicer on local roads. This is now being proposed state-wide as bill 393 see for more information. Bruce would want you to help oppose this.

All throughout his activism Bruce remained a Christian in the best sense of the word, tirelessly advocating for peace, for the poor and against the greed and materialism that is so commonplace in our society. He came up with the idea of Justice Enrichment Therapy – (see But you can hear about Bruce in his own words – see

His memorial service was held Saturday, April 21, see the video here: