Words Socialism from below

Thursday, September 5, 7-8:30pm, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 30 W. Woodruff Ave.

Living in Columbus, it’s not hard to see that the system is broken. We live under a reign of police terror where working-class black and brown youth are targeted for execution and imprisonment; Ohio State University and the city of Columbus have been working together to gentrify neighborhood after neighborhood; tens of thousands of students are getting into life-long debt for an education; ICE harasses undocumented immigrants with impunity; landlords and capitalists exploit and oppress us.

The only hope that we have is the organized force of our class: the working class. We must continue the work of building revolutionary organizations and movements that can fight relentlessly for our rights in the workplace, in housing, and as living and working people.

The Central Ohio Revolutionary Socialists is one such organization. If you tremble at every injustice, you are a comrade of ours. Join us to help forge a weapon in the struggle for a better tomorrow!