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Ghostface is coming. I listened to the Brown Tape to review it asGhostface's new album. My feeling was this is dope, but I didn't follow the plotline of this or any other storytelling record.

The Adrian Younge album had a plotline where Ghost is fighting the Deluca Crime Family. Whatever the case, I was into the album because Adrian Younge makes music that sounds like what the RZA samples. Come to find out the Brown Tape is a rerelease of a Remix album Apollo Brown did in 2013 of the Adrian Young record. The Brown Tape is not as textured and more raw Hip Hop. Ghostface is never wack.

I even loved Ghost's R & B album “Wizard of Poetry.” Some didn't.

I think the validation for Wizard of Poetry can be found with Tyler, The Creator's Flowerboy record.

Ghostface is playing Columbus so expect to get all you joints from Ironman, Supreme Clientelle, and the Wu-Tang Albums.

Ghostface recently played a show in a New York City White Castle to promote their new vegan burger, The Impossible Burger. I guess besides fish, tossed salads and rap ballads you can expect Ghost to go to slide. Now if White Castles – whose corporate HQ is in Columbus – sell “The Impossible Burger” then the cipher would be complete. Maybe Ghost can do an in-store at White Castleover at the Henderson Road location and show everyone who the first Kung Fu Kenny was.

Also playing the Ghostface concert,The 3rd Poweris another Columbus veteran outfit that I'm gonna be lazy and say if you don't know theirresume please look them up. Attack of the Drum producer/rapper Rashad once again manages to mix minimalist ambient British music with the early 2000's Houston sound to somehow land a straight-up Hip Hop record that offers designer clothes with a Mardi Gras feel. The 3rd's other emcee's P.A. Flex, Co City, and Blaksmif work in some area of consummate conscious rappers and the Third's Lox affiliation.

This EP maintains the polished eloquence of R & B Rashad's “Quiet Place” while delivering rap music. Ghostface and the 3rd Power will perform at the Newport Music Hall May 8.

Connectionsare a lot like the Ghostface albums that tell stories. My attention span refuses to follow but they sound like music is supposed to sound. With their new record, Foreign Affairs, theColumbus band continues to make less-caustic GBV to a half Dinosaur JR riff sounds which center with the innocent feeling of the Replacements “Achin' To Be” over catchy almost surf doo-wop melodies.

Foreign Affairs has a county tinge when Marcy May and Counterfeit Madison show up that sounds circa wherever Rock music meets a Levon Helm hook.

Foreign Affairs will be released via Chicago's Trouble In Mind Records. Foreign Affairs was recorded at Musicol here in Columbus, Ohio. Connections will tour with Kurt Vile and the Violators whose song “Pretty Pimpin" is a song I suggest Blueprint and DJ Detox peruse. The Connections' Foreign Affairs Release Party is May 12 at Used Kids Records

Ohio's Sidekicks new record Happiness Hours is produced by John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile.) Sidekicks' single “Don't Feel Like Dancing” is an upbeat romantic ode that sounds like if John Agnello produced the Ergs. Epitaph is releasing this record. The release party is at Ace Of Cups on May 19.

My intro to the Blueprint's Two-Headed Monster album review was gonna something like---

don't call me Old School but I had a strong appreciation for the Columbus producer/rapper's 2014 album “Respect the Architect.” I also liked Blueprint's Aesop Rock produced Vigilant Genesis. EP.

Two-Headed Monster is more traditional sounding than the dystopian VG.

What I like about is Print's new record is the Large Professor circa 91 production style. Just to deviate from the press release but still explain, think about Two-Headed Monster DJ Premier circa Step into the Arena vs. DJ Premier Mass Appeal. You had uncluttered layered samples that were sequenced and EQ'd but they weren't chopped and completely EQ'd to powerful minimalism of mid 90's Premier.

I think Print's usage of this refined sound is good because it sounds like Hip Hop but isn't overly retro or redundant.

Two-Headed Monster has guest appearances by Slug of Atmosphere, Aceyalone, Mr. Lif, Wordsworth, Supastition, and Has-Lo. To me, Two-Headed Monster signifies that 18 years later, sub genre redefined: Print is not an Indie-Rapper. Blueprint is a Hip Hop artist. People often ask me about what I like about Blueprint. My least-detailed but honest opinion is that he makes music I can listen to.

Blueprint's “Two-Headed Monster” Release Party is at Ace Of Cups on May 25.


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