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The upstart pop act, with releases also ranging in genre from rock to funk to hip hop, Ace & Boris have cultivated the ideal repertoire for live shows post pandemic. The band is prepping for a post-pandemic extravagant live show tour of the Midwest with record label Darlar Productions. Tour dates and locations will be announced soon by Darlar Productions; the band intends for Columbus to be on the schedule. The quickly rising artists are sure to draw large audiences with their stage performances and musical skill alike.

Singers and multi-instrumentalists Ace Peterson and Boris Rockwell began writing and performing music in the greater Columbus, Ohio area in 2019. Their talent as musicians and showmen was quickly recognized by record label Darlar Productions, with whom they entered into a creative collaborative agreement that year, granting them full license overall production decisions and distribution of their works.

Since, the band has released three EPs including two masterful covers of Prince’s “Kiss” and “Diego, Libre Dans Sa Tête” by French rock and roll star, Johnny Hallyday. Other notable singles released by the band include “Radio!! Reject” and “Still Got Saturday Night.”

With post-COVID tour planning now in progress at Darlar Productions, Ace & Boris’ newly released single, “Watch Me,” preps fans for what to expect as the twosome taxis toward takeoff.

Please get in touch with Ace & Boris at for promo copies of “Watch Me.”