Words Columbus Black Theater Festival

Friday, July 6, 6-11pm, Saturday, July 7, 2-10pm, Sunday, July 8, 2-10pm

Columbus Performing Arts Center, 549 Franklin Ave.

Tickets: $10 to $20; free 13 years old and under.

There will be special group/senior rates and day passes.

Friday, July 6

Comedian Tasha Neal-Harris. 6pm. Tasha wrote and directed "The Wicked Imagination of a Teenage Kid" which premiered this past June at the Gateway Movie Theatre in Columbus.

The Stoopby Jasmyn Green. Dealing with a group of youth from Brooklyn, NY who have to deal individually with grief and mourning when the youngest of their group dies.

Saturday, July 7

Just You And Mefree theatre workshop for youth 13-18 years old. 11am-1pm. Facilitator Shenise Brown is a Theatre Roundtable award winning actress, Excellence in a Female Lead role 2018, for her role in 12 Angry Women a SoArts Production.

The Color Purpleoverview by State of the Arts Productions. 2pm. The full stage musical will be July 26-29 and is directed by David Hardwood. Come get a taste of the wonderful talented cast.

Memoir Of A Broken Selfby award winning playwright Melonese Yarbrough. 2:30pm. Melonese takes us on a woman's journey to freedom and healing from her past traumas in life. Is it possible to heal a broken self?

Paper Dolls. 4:30pm. This stage drama is written and directed by Moriah Shiddat and takes us in the lives of five Black college students who live in a dormitory. They are five different people with five different dreams and reasons for wanting their education.

A Bride For Kaiwritten by Helen H. Yee and Jack Petersen and directed by Kelli Searfos. 8pm. One brother, Kai, is dead and his living brother appears to be hopeless and unhappy.

Sunday, July 8

Elder Is Said's Growing Seasons & Sleepy Head and Julie Whitney Scott's Snowville Cafe. 2pm.

One Race, One People, One Peaceby FlowTheatre. 4pm. Returning for the third year to bring our audience their performance that includes, monologues, poetry, song and dance that bring us face to face with the problems we face in America.

Talking Jane Martin and the debut production by JB3Entertainment. 7pm. The experiences and feelings of 11 different individual women, women that you will be able to relate too, women that you know and women that you will laugh and cry with as they take you on their journeys. The entire production is July 19-22, 2018.

One Sunday In Birminghamby Joyce Barnes and directed by Felicia Chappelle. A two-act play that recreates the Children's March and the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement in 1963.