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Friday, July 5, 7pm; Saturday, July 6, 3pm and 7pm; Sunday, July 7, 4pm; Columbus Performing Arts Center [Van Fleet Theater], 549 Franklin Ave.

Mine 4 God Productions is proud to present the 12th Columbus Black Theatre Festival taking place at the Columbus Performing Arts Van Fleet Theatre on July 5, July 6, and July 7. Our theme this year is “Peace Within the Storm”; the eight short one-act plays have been selected.

Twinship by Samara Siskind (Fort Lauderdale FL). Twin siblings, Tess and Sondra, reunite after a period of estrangement at their childhood home on Thanksgiving Day. Old wounds resurface in this exploration of sisterhood, family roles, and the notion that it is never too late to make amends.

Superhero by Mark Harvey Levine (Indianapolis, IN). Have you been ignored, insulted, discarded all your life? You may be a Superhero.

The Ride by Kwik Jones (Portland, Oregon). Asks the question: Do you know your climate? Following the death of his beloved dog, Beautiful, Max, an on the shelf FedEX driver and recovering pill addict, has come to a crossroad in his traumatic filled life. His sporadic, unconventional, and former basket case bartender, Zora, a metalhead hippie, has returned to work from a month-long banishment, only to find her favorite costumer riding a rainbow razor of grief. Can she play therapist and pull Max off his depressive ride? Or will Maxie Max stay in the blue zone, and “Pop that blue devil?”

JAM by Guy R. Newsham (Ottawa, ON, K1J7X1, Canada). Past and present intersect on a gridlocked overpass. Perry and Palmer are in stationary cars, side-by-side, and start a conversation. Perry is a successful engineer, Palmer a struggling ex-con. Perry starts out distrustful and angry, but makes peace with Palmer, and offers him/her a job.

When You Were Here by Laurie Scoggins (Denver, CO). Cara is grieving over the unexpected loss of her daughter Harper. But while Cara grieves, she also learns she’s not just grieving for her daughter, but also for her young son Ames and his own journey with grief of losing his sister. This is a play about death, acceptance, grief and life.

Zip It by Latrice P. Young (Bethlehem, PA). highlights the couple Ace and Ora as they prepare to go on a Couple’s Night Flight Zipline Adventure. The two have lost their spark and have reached the “ten-year challenge” in their marriage. Will Ora take a risk Ace desperately needs to help keep the spark in their marriage alive or will she buckle under pressure and say no to adventure like she always does?

Rearview Reflections by Julie Whitney Scott (Columbus, OH). A woman in her sixties reflects on her life and with the help of her past love finds peace as she improves her relationship with her daughter.

In Passing by Marita A. McKee (Pensacola, FL). Home from college, Rain Johnson finds her uncle Blues, in usual form — playing his saxophone. But when Blues gets honest about his health, she realizes that music may be all they have left.

Tickets go on sale May 1 and are affordable at $10 general admission while youth 12 and under are free so that you can afford to share in the theatre fun with our theatre actors and families!

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Hosted by Mine 4 God Productions Performing Arts.

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