Columbus City Hall

Joe Motil, former Columbus City Council candidate and outspoken critic of Columbus City Council’s decades-long charade of its musical chair schemes to maintain control and power of City Council, has announced the selection of running mates who will join Team Hardin on the ballot this November.            

Motil states that, “Although the Hardin, Tyson, Mitch Brown nominating committee that is listed on their Declaration of Candidacy Petition technically made the selection of Nick Bankston and Lourdes de Padilla to replace Tyson and Brown, this whole scheme was developed months ago by those who control city hall and Franklin County Democratic Party leaders. This was a lame attempt to hoodwink the citizens of Columbus into believing the two replacement candidates were not appointed and are not part of the club. Columbus voters know better.”

Motil says, “Nick Bankston is Mayor Ginther’s former director of community affairs and resigned from the city and in January was appointed as CEO and President of the Gladden Community House. Bankston’s appointment to a non-profit fit right into City Council’s musical chairs playbook just as Michele Mills, Priscilla Tyson, Matt Habash and Andy Ginther all worked for non-profits. This will beef up Bankston’s resume, help with his public image and cushion his $58,000 part-time City Council salary.”  

Motil further claims that, Lourdes de Padilla has displayed her loyalty to City Hall as a trusted insider by being appointed by Mayor Ginther to the 2016 City Charter Review Committee and 2020 Columbus Police Chief Advisory Panel. Both she and Mr. Bankston were also selected as honorees of the Columbus business establishments 40 Under 40 group.       

Motil concluded that, “The writing was on the wall when Mr. Bankston and Ms. Lourdes de Padilla had announced they were circulating petitions early on to run for City Council and Priscilla Tyson and Mitch Brown were rumored as departing City Council early. Bankston’s new job with the Gladden Community House in January further solidified that his appointment was about to come. The requirements to who gets a seat on City Council remains the same as always. Trusted foot soldiers who will not rock the boat, young, impressionable, unschooled, easily managed, and looking to advance their political careers.