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Sunday, July 19, 7-9pm
City Hall to Broad and High Streets

Heartbeatmovement Incorporated Mission is to End Systemic @ Institutional Racism inequality in America. History Is Watching. Your voices are needed to bring about change! America is in a state of National Emergency. White America must categorically admit to systemic racism in order to address Police Brutality and Legalized Lynchings with Qualified Immunity. Too many Ohioans are murdered by its police officers - stand with the families who are organizing statewide accountability. Our elected representatives have failed us so now is our chance to also register everyone eligible, educate and then VOTE in every election. This work is being modeled after other successful campaigns in other states and many of these changes are already happening across the country.
People aren't colorblind, but bullets are. DeEscalateOhioNow! Heartbeatmovement is a collection of Grassroots organizations rising up from the collective pain, in order to educate and ensure changes take place NOW. Our multiracial coalition is not about being anti-police, we are fighting for human life. We are NOT part of, or associated with partisan political parties, nor are we directed from the top by others. Our Public Safety Health DeEscalation goal is to : •Get Justice in Policing legislation filed and passed in order that fair and impartial policing can take place,
diminishing systemic racism issues and effectively changing the system of policing as we know it. •Eliminate QUALIFIED IMMUNITY by clarifying the true intent of Section1983, thereby protecting 4th Amendment rights. •Eliminate legal lynching still on the books that our elected official, Governor DeWine, just denied overturning last week! •Stop Police Officer Violence in the State of Ohio. Eliminate bad policing, rid ourselves of bad police departments and bad officers. How many more families have to go through loss of loved ones? Local police should use every non-lethal means at their disposal, be well and completely *trained to do so. •REOPEN cases Involving Police Violence, identify
the Murderous officers and Prosecute these predators to the Fullest extent of the current Law. sign Marcella Bailey mother of Kareem Ali Nadir Jones executed on July 10, petition on Thanking you in Advance •We demand Governor Mike DeWine admit to systemic racism and apologize to the over 1000 families impacted by legal intervention with qualified immunity, and the trauma it’s caused. The state must acknowledge what these families have had to deal with. PTSD does not go away on its own untreated. *Mandatory DeEscalation Training, Racial Bias Training, Non Lethal Force must begin immediately. We can't have Accountability without Ending Qualified Immunity, Mandatory Mental health crisis Interventions, Prioritize CPR.
_____________________________ #DeEscalateOhioNow
is looking for Ambassadors to bring awareness to all of Ohio’s 88 counties, and encourage participation in this ongoing civil engagement by everyone. Justice strategies, prompting humane and effective approaches to police brutality and misconduct, plus legalized lynchings with qualified immunity are the topics of discussion Across the Coalition.
~Ohio needs creative leadership to help build new bridges between Law Enforcement and our Community.
~Police Accountability that ensure officers can work effectively with the community. Most police training academies continue to focus on racist, fear-based, lethal strategies. This must change. Who's House? Our House, the State Capitol building on the High Street side!