Joe Motil

On July 25th I screened for the endorsement of the Columbus Firefighters Union Local 67. For nearly one hour, I discussed how I would address the most important issues facing Columbus citizens and what I would do to support Columbus firefighters and emergency medical service professionals.

This past Friday I received a letter from Local 67 President Steven Stein stating in part that “On behalf of the Columbus Fire Fighters Union Local 67 Executive Board and membership, I am sorry to announce we have chosen not to endorse any candidate for City of Columbus Mayor. The Screening Committee has come to the decision that both candidates have been, and we hope continue to be, friends of Local 67.”

Many election year endorsements for political office are historically politically biased and not necessarily based on ones qualifications and experience. I have a great deal of respect for the Screening Committee and members of Local 67’s decision to remain neutral for their endorsement. This allows for the voters to decide for themselves without influence on election day November 7, whether Democrat Joe Motil, a retired construction safety professional, or my opponent will better serve their needs for unexpected safety and emergency medical services.