Person holding sign in crowd of people with fists in air, reading Diversity Makes America Great against tie-dyed background

Columbus turned out by the hundreds to protest the rally by the KKK, neo-nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville and the subsequent terror attack on the counterprotestors. On Sunday, August 13, a large group gathered at the gazebo in Goodale Park for speeches and a report from some activists who were on the scene in Charlottesville.

Bob Fitrakis, Free Press Editor, spoke at the gazebo, as did local activists Carolyn Harding, Ruben Herrera, Hana X Abdur Rahim. There were representatives from Black Lives Matter groups, the First Unitarian Universalist Church, Antifa groups and many others. The sentiment was anti-hate, and pro peace and understanding. Many speakers expressed disgust at Trump's remarks following the hate rally and attack on counter-protestors and acknowledgement that there is a known white supremacist group in Worthington, Ohio. 

The demonstrators marched down High Street to the Statehouse with police presence on horseback and bikes. They held a vigil for the tragic death of Heather Heyer by an Ohio man who plowed his car into the crowd of counter-protestors. The event was sponsored by Columbus DSA, ISO, Yes We Can, and other groups. The demostration was peaceful.

Local activist and OSU professor Pranav Jani wrote on Facebook: "It was great to see the transition from the rally to the vigil pass off smoothly, the collaboration between organizations, and the enthusiasm of the crowd, many who stayed from 5pm march to the end of the vigil around 9pm!"

See YouTube video here.