Candles and a sign that says "Mayor Ginther Blood on your hands"

Sign at the site of Tyre King's death on 18th Street near Capital. 

Students and community people gathered on OSU's south Oval at 5pm today to mourn the death of Tyre King, shot to death by Columbus police last night, September 14. Police stated that the 13-year-old had a BB gun. NBC 4 news reported that Bryan Mason, the officer who shot King, had been involved in another fatal shooting in 2012. News reports throughout the last 24 hours have offered differing facts regarding the shooting. Activists were skeptical of the information about the incident given at the Columbus Mayor's press conference and that there would be any repercussions for the officer's actions. Signs at a memorial at the site of the incident clearly indicate the community's distrust in the city of Columbus and Columbus police and or that anyone will be held accountable.