Cops holding a black man down

Days after Miles Jackson and Daunte Wright were murdered by police, this incident was recorded in a grocery store.


First-hand accounts revealed that this cop was kneeling on this man's back because he stole a bottle of alcohol. The cop was kneeling on it in such a way that the man was not able to put his hands behind his back, and he punched him prior to recording. Also, an employee related that people get caught for stealing all the time and never treated like this. So, the police can call things procedure, but predictably pick and choose to whom what procedures are used.

At least four Black people watched this in horror (one is off camera) wondering if they are witnessing the next murder. The Black community literally feels safe *nowhere*: not in their homes, cars, certainly not walking their dogs, not in daylight or at night. There are at least four white people doing nothing and one employee who laughed about it.