The April 7th blast killed one, injured eight, and now raise questions around the continued environmental aftermath

Columbus Stand UP! alongside a coalition of central Ohio organizations, have delivered a letter to elected officials demanding answers about the April 7th explosion at the Yenkin-Majestic Paint Corporation. The blast killed one person, injured eight, and spewed ash and other debris over area homes. 

“Homes and businesses shook, and residents were breathing in toxic air for days,” the letter reads.“The long-term effects on the water and soil in this predominantly Black neighborhood are still unknown.  It has been one week since this fatal incident, and all residents have received from their elected officials are ‘concerns,’ ‘prayers,’ and promises of ‘conversation.’ We are ready to begin the conversation.” See attached for full letter.

The letter has been signed by Columbus Stand Up!, Simply Living, Columbus Socialist Alternative, Freedom BLOC, Ready for 100 Columbus, Students for a Democratic Society, Ohio State University chapter, Ohio Sustainable Business Council, and Our Revolution Central Ohio.

Columbus Stand Up! is a non-profit dedicated to mobilizing people in Central Ohio to serve the community, engage in the political process, hold elected officials accountable, and advocate for policies that will ensure everyone in our community can lead a stable life. 

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