Worthington store becomes 12th location in Ohio to win union, as historic effort gains momentum

Starbucks workers continue to win union organizing victories in stores across the country, as workers at the Worthington store overwhelmingly voted to join Starbucks Workers United. With a unanimous vote of 22-0, partners at Worthington became the 12th Starbucks location in Ohio to join Starbucks Workers United in one of the most rapidly growing organizing campaigns in modern history. 

"Starbucks is making it increasingly clear that they will sacrifice the health and safety of their retail workers for its bottomline,” said Raquel Spiezio (she/her), a shift supervisor who has worked at Starbucks for more than ten years. “It is time for Starbucks to be held accountable for the decisions that impact thousands. The deep-seated problems created by this company’s unsustainable standards can be solved. I am so proud of the unified front we have presented in this exciting venture. Our partners are the very best, and we would be nowhere without our shared strength and determination.”

The Worthington partners join a quickly expanding nationwide movement of over 9,000 baristas organizing together for justice, fighting for improvements on core issues including respect, living wages, racial and gender equity, and fair scheduling. The historic organizing campaign, one of the most successful in decades, hinges on peer-to-peer organizing led by workers, for workers - and has won election after election in stores nationwide. 

Workers continue to organize and take direct action, recently winning essential changes to Starbucks mobile order policy after a massive “Red Cup Rebellion” with more than 5,000 Starbucks workers walking out at more than 150 locations across dozens of states. They are demanding Starbucks end illegal union-busting tactics and bargain in good faith with workers who voted to form a union. In more than three dozen separate decisions, federal administrative law judges have found that Starbucks has committed more than 300 violations of federal labor law, including 38 unlawful firings, refusing to bargain, and unlawfully providing non-union workers higher wages and better benefits than workers who voted to form a union.

Still, Starbucks union workers remain determined in their demand for fair pay and hours, safe working conditions, and a commitment to quality and culture that reflects the Starbucks brand they built. 

Since December 2021, more than 380 Starbucks stores in 42 states and the District of Columbia have successfully unionized — more than any other company in the 21st Century, as Starbucks Workers United has taken the industry and world by storm. More victories are expected to be announced soon, as partners at stores across the country continue to come together to transform their jobs and their industry. 


Partners with Starbucks Workers United are organizing to build a better Starbucks across America, and is affiliated with Workers United. To learn more, visit SBWorkersUnited.org