Logo from Columbus Community Bill of Rights and an injection well in the background

Saturday, February 4, 9 AM - 4 PM

Hosted by Columbus Community Bill of Rights

The Fracking industry disposes radioactive toxic frack waste water at high pressures into abandoned vertical oil wells and new high volume, high pressure wells. Injection wells can be compromised, and will leak eventually. Injection wells in Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and Ohio are causing a growing number of earthquakes.

Currently there are 13 active Injection Wells in the Columbus Metro Watershed.

Our next Morrow County injection well tour will be on Saturday, February 4th. We plan to meet in Clintonville, then drive together up north for the tour. Plan to meet at 9am, and to return to Columbus mid-afternoon, around 4pm.

We will restrict vehicles to three cars, and we may rent a large van to accommodate everyone. Final details will be on this website shortly, and we will be sure to email everyone who requests to join us on February 4th.

Please RSVP to or call (614) 843-6170 soon, if you would like to join us, so we can arrange transportation for the tour.

Ted Auch, Fractracker Alliance's Great Lakes Program Coordinator, will take our group on this tour of up to eight of these wells.