We are back talking about Columbus police wearing body cameras and placing cameras on patrol cars, so we can catch the rare instance when a cop goes wrong, publicize it and get justice.

No doubt there has been wrong-doing by police elsewhere in the country and one bad cop is one too many, but ...

We need to think long and hard about the additional pressure we would put on Columbus' Finest by forcing them to record every moment on patrol. Will they be forced to stop and think about the ramifications of the camera instead of acting quickly to fight crime?

Does that have negative consequences for the public?

If we are going all in on cameras for cops, why stop there?

Why not require all public employees wear cameras and record their workdays?

It might cut down on wrong-doing and waste of public money.

Better yet add elected public officials to the camera-wearing menagerie.

There would not have been any Redflex skullduggery if Columbus city officials has been wearing them when those red-light camera deals were made.

I doubt if Columbus City Council members would have been using free tickets to the Big Ten championship involving OSU a few years back if they had been on candid camera.

Just sayin'...

Bring Up Obama Hate, Get A Dispatch Discount

I wrote last month about confronting The Columbus Dispatch brass about the blatant Obama hate on its editorial page. One reader wrote that he called the circulation department and complained about the POTUS animus. He was rewarded with a 30 percent discount.

Newspapers know that their best customers are their existing ones. Often, when a subscriber quits, she never comes back. It's called leverage.

My subscription expires soon. We'll see what happens.

Share your subscription renewal tales by sending them to my email below. Anonymity guaranteed.

Meanwhile, the Dispatch hired a new delivery service in mid-April. My rural carrier announced via a note in the Sunday paper that he was quitting because his income would be cut by 50 percent. He also asked for his Christmas tip early. Sorry.

So far the new delivery service is up to the task and is economizing on by putting both papers (Dispatch and New York Times) in the same bag. The previous carrier often would use 3 or 4 bags to keep the papers dry.

Kasich's Spending Tax Dollars On Security Draws Media Fire

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Toledo Blade and even the Dispatch pounded Gov. Kasich in April for his wild (my word) spending of taxpayers' dollars for security on his presidential campaign.

I turned a bright spotlight on the abuse of tax dollars by the absentee governor in the February issue of The Columbus Free Press. I estimated that over $1 million had been spent by then on security, transportation and room and board for Kasich, his family and entourage while campaigning out of state. It may be closer to $2 million now.

The PD editorialized: "Reveal security costs for Kasich campaign."

The Blade wrote: "Part of $2.5 M (for million) to Ohio troopers for Kasich security."

The Dispatch reported: "Overtime for Kasich's security jumps 64 percent."

In its website, the Ohio Democratic Party bashed "John Kasich's costly campaign."

Plunderbund's John Michael Spinelli wrote: "High Hypocrisy in Kasich Call for Transparency," noting that Kasich was closed-mouthed out his campaign security costs.

An anonymous reader wrote to Ohio Auditor David Yost asking for Kasich's spending records and was denied. Yost's office cited Ohio law allegedly permitting the high-priced secrecy.

Now there's a law Ohio's conservative, tight-fisted legislature should change, but is it too busy taking away women's rights and blowing millions on charter schools.

Governor Skewered For Neglecting Ohio

As Kasich's losing ways in presidential primaries mount -- frontrunner Donald Trump dubbed the gov "One (win) out of 46" -- calls for Kasich to give up his Quixotic quest and return to running the Buckeye State are mounting.

The Blade, The Dispatch and The Dayton Daily News recently ran articles detailing the futility of Kasich's campaign and noting that things are not getting done in Ohio.

When eight Ohioans were massacred in southwest Ohio and fearful local citizens could have used the calming presence of the governor, Kasich was campaigning in Connecticut.

Another Buckeye Boondoggle

OSU's Board of Trustees appears to be getting closer and closer to outsourcing its energy systems despite student and employee opposition and despite the largely negative fallout from the privatizing of the parking garages in 2012 that appears to have brought on higher rates and lesser service.

The Ohio State University has a $3.6 billion endowment, the 22nd largest among universities in the country. It does not need to nickel and dime employees and students with an untested private energy plan.

Meanwhile, the over-funded Athletic Department announced that it will be reducing seating capacity at the Horseshoe by 2,000 and converting that area into more loges and pricey seats for the wealthy class. All for a mere $42 million.

Inexplicably, a stiff wind tore down the Block O from the stadium crest a few days later.

With apologies to Bobby Dylan, the answer was blowin' in the wind. No!

Nominee Not Vetted Before Primary Election

It apparently was only after the primary election that readers of the Dispatch learned of the financial and legal problems of Cheryl Brooks Sullivan, the surprise winner of the Democratic Party primary for Franklin County treasurer over incumbent Ed Leonard.
One can't help but wonder if the reduced staff and reduced resources under the new ownership left the Dispatch unable to vet each candidate for county office.

Poetic Injustice

Eight murdered in Ohio
Where did Kasich go?
To Connecticut, his plan
Presidential also-ran

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