Mini Conference on the PUCO’s Upcoming Energy Decisions

Win a Carbon/Nuke Free Ohio

Move to Renewables and Efficiency

SUNDAY APRIL 12, 2015; 1pm to 5:45 pm

Columbus State Community College
Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation
339 Cleveland Avenue at the southwest corner of Grove Street Parking is in the lot by the building.

1:00 pm: Welcome by Emcees Harvey Wasserman, author/activist Bob Fitrakis, Prof. Political Science, Columbus State Community College


1:10 pm: Kevin Kamps, Radioactive Waste Watchdog, Beyond Nuclear, Takoma Park, MD.
Davis-Besse nuclear reactor, a threat to Ohio and the Great Lakes.

1:50 pm: Carolyn Harding, Organizer, Radioactive Waste Alert & the Columbus Community Bill of Rights.
Challenging fracking in Columbus and Ohio – from injection wells to

2: 30 pm: Break

community rights.

2:45 pm: Ned Ford, Veteran Ohio energy activist and consultant.
EPA’s Clean Power Plan; Ohio’s Senate Bill 310; the big picture on Clean

Energy in Ohio & what the PUCO, EPA and Governor are wrong about.

3: 25 pm Neil Waggoner, Organizing Rep., Sierra Club Coal Campaign. Stopping coal and Davis-Besse bailouts at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and the PUCO decision on AEP.


4: 05 pm Breakout with small groups brainstorming on ideas for carrying our energy work forward and uniting the work of the various organizations.

4:50 pm Report back from small groups

5:15 pm to 5:45pm Final Strategy Session: How We Win!!!