White man with grayish hair and beard with green parakeet on his shoulder

Steve Caruso was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, raised by nuns. He volunteered for The Philadelphia Folk Fest for 5 years, survived one immediate semester of college after high school, figured it was too then much went to Haight Ashbury after the height of hippiedom (’75), saw the debut of the Jeffrson Starship with the Grateful Dead in Golden Gate Park, “rollin’ the rug around.”

He saw the attempt on Gerald Ford’s life in San Francisco, a revenge attack by Sarah Jane Moore (now free) for pardoning Nixon. 

After traveling the country from one corner to the other in a spirit quest, Steve settled in Columbus late 1977. Being a campus street “urchin”/musician on free time between and after jobs for years and hanging with local progressives he started a coffee house at German Village, Golden Eagle Ice Cream, hosting the Columbus Poetry Group, Fred Anderle, Bill Cohen,  Donna Mogavera and others, then ended up at the King Avenue Coffee house.

Libby Gregory ran the King Avenue Coffee House and also ran the Free Press.  Loving this radical rag, Steve followed it for a time when Bob Fitrakis took it over. Perceiving the value of this publication was not a stretch. He became an archivist of sorts for many local organizations. publications handling technical issues for websites and social media presence. 

The Free Press appreciates his altruistic, dedicated, tireless work to help us in everything from computer expertise, HVAC expertise, providing music, muscle, and basic support for all these years! 

Steve will be honored at the Free Press Awards Ceremony:
Monday, October 8, 6-10pm
Woodlands Tavern, 1200 W. Third, Grandview
with food, bands, and fun with friends!
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