The photo of a white man in a big white police hate with black brim and badge on it scowling on his face and a cop uniform with the words a the left saying Be on the lookout for this officer

Armed and dangerous: He’s the plainclothes “jump out boy” who shot up a Linden neighborhood in the summer of 2016 killing a young black resident, Henry Green. He’s the uniformed officer seen on tape stomping on a black man’s head as he lay cuffed on the ground in 2017. He is Zachary Rosen, and he was fired. But the Fraternal Order of Police threw such a fit and their weight around the city of Columbus that Rosen was reinstated last month. At first he was assigned back to his old beat in Linden until posters appeared warning the community that he was back on the streets: “Be on the lookout for this officer,” it read with Rosen’s scowling photo, “and record any suspicious behavior.” Later the Dispatch noted the CPD may assign him to a different area of the city. Pity them.

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