Yellow pamphlet with words Copwatch Pocket Guide at top and a drawing of two cops apprehending the Statue of Liberty

New Chief:There’s a new Interim Columbus Police Chief in town – 29-year CPD veteran Thomas Quinlan – replacing embattled Kim Jacobs during the nationwide search for a permanent chief. Lucky him, walking into this mess…see below.

FBI investigation:Enough said.

The Stormy Daniels saga: Although the allegations that the debacle was pre-planned and politically motivated, the Internal Affairs Bureau found the Columbus Police arrests of Stormy Daniels and two other women at a strip club event to be “improper.” The city spent $150,000 in a settlement with the two women arrested with Daniels.

The Andrew Mitchell saga:The man who fired eight shots at Donna Dalton while she was trapped in his police vehicle, killing her, is off the streets. Mitchell faces three counts of depriving victims' civil rights while acting under the color of law, two counts of witness tampering, one count of obstruction of justice, and one count of making false statements to federal agents. Apparently he was forcing women to have sex with him. Many of Mitchell’s victims were renting apartments from him. He is yet to be charged with murder for Donna’s death. A Free Press source questions why Mitchell, a Black officer, received an indictment, but white officers guilty of the same activities, are not.

Improper use of force:At a vigil on the west side calling attention to Donna Dalton’s murder, an altercation broke out and social media footage was being reviewed to determine if the police intervention was “improper use of force.”

Using Mitchell as a role model: CPD Officer Helal Daoud admitted to sending Snapchat messages to a local woman and offering her money for sex. Unfortunately, he’s been allowed back on the streets as long as he receives some more training.

On the upside – No More Vice:Free Press prediction: The recent elimination of Columbus Police’s vice squad will result in a 50% decrease of vice activities in the city – particularly on the west side.

A sting, police murder and cover-up:CPD shot and killed black teenager Julius Tate and are charging his girlfriend with his murder. What? See next page for details. #FreeMasonique.

Safe Streets:Look out for 30 uniformed CPD bicycle cops in Linden, the Hilltop and South Side between April 1 and November. They are supposed to be trained on community outreach, making friends with young black men, dealing with human trafficking and addiction issues in hopes of decreasing violent crime. Sounds a lot better than plainclothes cops in black SUVs stalking young black men walking in their own neighborhoods, jumping out, and shooting them to death. And hopefully these bike cops won’t be the same ones who attacked and beat up the Black Pride 4, defying their “orders of the day” that tasked them with being friendly to the crowd.


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