People outside at a rally holding signs saying Children out of detention and End Mandatory Detention Now
From Unitarian Universalists Justice Ohio - Demand U.S. Legislators Defund Harmful Immigrant Enforcement Policies.  From the Friends Committee on National Legislation:  "The administration has demanded more money for harmful immigration enforcement policies and Congress has funded them.  The supplemental spending bill (H.R. 3401) Congress just passed was more of the same. It provides money with no guarantee that it will be spent to protect children, not further militarize our border. This approach is worsening the humanitarian crisis. Congress is home this week for their Independence Day recess. It’s important that they hear from you. Urge them to divest from enforcement spending and instead, invest in true humanitarian assistance."   Three Steps to Dropping by a Congressional Office:  1. Print out a one-page info sheet.  Download a one-pager calling for Rep. Balderson and Sens. Brown and Portman to defund cruel immigration practices. 2. Find your closest congressional offices. Senator Sherrod Brown, Columbus: 200 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43215.  Senator Rob Portman, Columbus: 37 W. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215. US House of Representatives - Look up your local US Representative at: Your House of Representatives​​. Note: Please confirm the address on their websites before visiting. 3. Pay them a visit!  No need to make an appointment—just stop by during business hours. Here's a sample script you can use once you get there:  Hi, my name is Joan VanBecelaere, and I'm a constituent from Columbus, Ohio. Could you pass this document along to the right staff member for me and help me set up a meeting where I can to discuss this issue with them?