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A diary is a book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences. Generally if read by someone other than the writer they would come away with an idea of who the person really is in their own words. They would learn the writers likes and dislikes, how and where they live and other personal information.
  Gerry Bello gives you all of that and more in his recent book “My Netwar Diaries Volume 1: Post Constitutional America.” Bello starts off like all other diaries by telling the reader how he came to start writing his diary, or rather how he came to piece together in chronological order articles that have been written by him and other creditable journalist that deal with the very real threat of Netwar to American citizens, and people everywhere. The diary dates start from May 31, 2013 to May 27, 2014.

  Bello states that Netwar “refers to information-related conflict at a grand level between nations or societies. It means trying to disrupt or damage what a target population knows or thinks it knows about itself and the world around it.” Bello’s diary starts with the Whistleblowers, hacktivists and journalists and ends with how the intelligence community controls our votes. In the middle of the diary you learn the definitions, roles and functions of the National Security Agency (NSA), General Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Special Operations Division (SOD), and other divisions that you have heard about on the 6:00 pm world news and didn’t understand. Bello breaks down the “actors in this netwar” for you in technique terms that you may have to read over a couple of times if you’re not an IT person.

  The whistleblowers, hacktivists and journalists in this diary are well-known, like Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown and Chelsea Manning who are in prison, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden who are both in hiding. Bello believes, but admits he has no proof or evidence, that Michael Hastings was murdered and Bello also has “deep suspicions” regarding the deaths of Barnaby Jack and Erik Rausch, both “brilliant computer scientists” who died under “mysterious” circumstances per Bello’s belief.

  The diary helps you understand the roles that the American government and military play, or doesn’t play, in assisting and allowing the “Netwar actors” to invade the privacy of the American citizens by monitoring, storing and reviewing their cell phone conversations and written correspondence via texts and emails.

  If you don’t know what the complex relationship between banking and intelligence is, you will after reading Bello’s book.

  Although there are lots of references to President Barack Obama in Bello’s book and Obama’s actions during his presidential term in regards to Cyberwar and Netwar, it’s this journalist’s opinion that the reality is that it’s the job of the president, no matter what his or her name is, to review the “kill list” every Tuesday. When Obama is out of office, the next president will be expected to pick up where he left off in regards to how to “protect” American citizens from terrorists, just as Obama was expected to “carry on” when he became president after Bush.

  After reading Bello’s book, you’ll have a much better idea of just what the world, especially America, is “coming too” and will think twice, no, make that three times before you send your next email, text or cell phone call to anyone, especially to someone out of the country. Be careful of what terms and words you use too, so you won’t be targeted. Remember, you are being monitored, taped and stored for future use if the government needs it. And it appears, according to Bello, to be sanctioned and approved by our government and the new “post constitutional America” laws.


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