Someone signing a petition

If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao – Sign the petition anyhow!

A billion dollars is on the line for energy companies – that’s why you’re seeing insane and somewhat hilarious commercials and receiving mailers warning you not to sign petitions because the Chinese Communists are “plotting to take over Ohio’s power grid.” Don’t be fooled. It’s not true. Here are the facts: FirstEnergy just received a billion-dollar monster of a welfare check from the Ohio legislature through House Bill 6 to support their decrepit and dangerous nukes and dirty coal plants (even one in Indiana). Opponents of the bailout (which should be anyone who believes in a clean environment and renewable energy) are trying to overturn HB6 with a petition drive – and that’s what has FirstEnergy quaking in its heavily subsidized boots. Thank the dark money from “Ohioans for Energy Security” for the ads. Not since the height of the Red Scare and perhaps the 1930s Reefer Madness campaign have we seen such blatant and laughable ads. What’s not funny is that Harold Chung was assaulted while petitioning against the bailout outside the Dublin library. People, really?

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