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Run The Jewels ended their sold-out Columbus show by playing deceased Columbus icon and friend of El-P, Camu Tao’s “Hold The Floor.” It's a record produced by DJ PRZM who is another deceased Columbus Hip Hop icon.

Philly Phil entertainment is releasing DJ PRZM”s LLABTIPS 3 vinyl on Record Store Day. April 22nd.Philly Phil gave me the PRZM record last month. I’ve been so aghast in regards to the behavior of the President that I haven’t been much use for music.

Video ideas for 4 of the 11 songs on LLabtips 3.

Heavy Metal Maniacs:

The production has a sinister, slow march baseline that picks up with a small subtle melody, and a gritty vocal hook by PRZM. The video should start with PRZM hopping into a car in his leaving Native Detroit at sunset. It’s ‘Devil’s Night” so there are several teenagers riding bikes around a fire in the middle of the road.

PRZM gets to Bernie’s in Columbus. Pos 2 and Dj Lo-Zone are deejaying. Eclypse is onstage rapping with internal rhyme perfection. PRZM takes the stage. A crowd of Hip Hop heads, and hardcore kids smash chairs and set a trashcan on fire while PRZM raps. There is a metal head at the bar who picks up a lady. They go back the metal head’s house. The metal head couple engages in foreplay that involves over the clothes heavy petting while the guitar plays at the end of the song. The TV screen in front of the couple has Ryan Harkins, and “the Grill Em' All” Food truck on the Food Network. Ryan Harkins was in a Columbus thrash band Killed In Action that did several shows with PRZM & Spitball. One highlight was a voting event in 2004 at Skylab for D4D, which was a left-wing organization based in New York City.

7-Mile Spit:

The production has a boombap drumbeat while a subdued sample rocks a pattern underneath that is rhythmically in sync. The hook is Camu Tao chanting. PRZM, Dro, and Eclypse rap. Dro talks about painting graffiti. There was this book called Autograf: New York Cities Writers that had portraits of graffiti writers in front of their work. Part of the photo was stylistically how the graffiti writer was going to frame their person with their tag while obscuring their faces. I’m thinking short snap chat style vignettes of the writers that kicked it at the bar catching tags during the raps. My recommended lists of writers for the Autograf session: PBJ, AWS, BSA, HBT, and TFC 

There should be layers of Camu photos during the hook that land on a dominant image of the under-appreciated Columbus creative (Camu) when he says, “I Kill You.”

Back To Basicks:

The beat of this is more melodic, and less aggie compared to PRZM’s other work. It’s somewhere between Dangermouse and 9th Wonder. The song starts off with Met of S.A. Smash rapping “he has a thing for dingbats in garter belts.” The video would start with Met chatting with a group of kids working with City Year outside of Bernie’s. It would flash to Bru Lei sitting in Sacramento where PRZM passed smiling and reading some documents we can’t see. A picture of Bru and the RZA is on the computer monitor. The video flashed back to Berne’s where Elypse plays pool; Behind Eclypse is Muhammad Loves Art selling paintings. There is a couple arguing. A goth raver in a garter belt sniffs ketamine and falls into K-Hole. Bernie’s plays musical chairs then calls a NETCare medic to take the drugged raver to the hospital.

Day of Lo-Life:

PRZM was member of the Low-Life’s who were a NYC boosting crew that felt rich white designers didn’t care about the Hip Hop people who were making their clothes

popular. Lo-Lifes stole Polo and other brands. For this video I would have PRZM going to various malls, and stealing clothes. He catches a flat tire on the high way. A fan who recognizes him from his tour with Eyedea (RIP) and Illogic picks him up with their parents driving. While waiting for Daymon to take him back to his car with a spare, PRZM tries to hit on some college girls who leave with a some jock dudes in a convertible.

Fuck The Foul Mouth Ducks

This was actually a joke song. It starts off with Lo-Zone doing a parody of Camu Tao’s rap style. So for the video I would have Lo-Zone dressed in a sweater. Camu walks in wearing the same sweater, and sees Lo parodying him. He gets annoyed and goes in the Bernie’s hallway and looks at flyers. Daymon Dodson (RIP) raps his verse from some apartment’s hottub while a bunch of ducks float around him. Flip the Early Riser creeps up behind him. Flip ends the video jumping over Daymon's head and doing a cannonball into the pool.

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