Sign saying All we are saying is give impeachment a chance

t can happen four ways.

But one thing is clear: No viable democracy can endure 14 full days ruled by a deranged madman who’s just instigated an armed fascist coup attempt.

Reports from long-time staff and close personal associates working within the White House indicate that Trump is dangerously “out of his mind” and “has lost it.”

Trump has access to nuclear codes that could end all human life on Earth.

As a fear-mongering fascist, he’s just incited the storming of the House and Senate, an armed assault aimed at the processing of the Electoral College votes for president.

At least one person was shot dead while invading the Congress. Three others died under varied circumstances. Countless more who rioted without masks were certainly infected with Trump’s virus, and will soon pour into hospitals that can’t handle them.

Trump could easily instigate further such coup attempts, especially by creating a fake “Reichstag Fire” disaster.

Why did Capitol Police stand down for this violent invasion? If the rioters were citizens of color, they’d have shot them all.

But officers opened barriers to let white TrumpNazis roam at will. Some bantered and even took selfies with them.

With Trump still in the White House, this will happen again.

Did Team Trump order these cops to let the insurrection proceed? Who let TrumpNazis trash the floors and offices of the House and Senate with no police in sight? Who delayed calling in the National Guard, which the mayor of DC had requested long before?

True to his mobster DNA, Trump threatened Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger to throw him the state.

He’s also let the coronavirus spread. His deranged non-response still kills 3,000 Americans every day.

Trump has botched the vaccine roll-out. He’s letting thousands on the brink of death be denied bed space in hospitals on the verge of collapse. With the world’s most powerful military, in humankind’s richest country, our people can’t get basic oxygen.

One in every five southern Californians is now infected, along with millions more nationwide. Trump’s total lack of pandemic caring or competence equates to mass murder, a crime against humanity.

Best would be for Trump to immediately resign. Good luck with that one.

Otherwise, we can impeach and remove him, employ the 25th Amendment, or have him arrested.

All three routes are complex, time consuming, and could fail.

But what REALLY won’t work is giving this unhinged madman two more weeks to threaten a fascist coup, enable nuclear extinction, spread his virus, and more.

There are no easy answers. But our survival is on the line.


Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman co-wrote The Strip & Flip Disaster of America's Stolen Elections: Five Jim Crows & Electronic Election Theft . (

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