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Columbus produces influential people for various reasons. One reason is Columbus has major learning institutions which provide an influx of young people looking to ripen, who mix with the civilians who exist. One place that exemplified this pure-of-heart culture incubator was Bernie’s Bagels and Deli (and bar) on the OSU campus. The campus bar combined lifer-anarchists with college kids who, in turn, created experiences that helped develop new energies. They finally removed Bernie’s physically. But with this spirit of internal exploration, here is my incomplete guide to something you could do with your next two months to 75 years.

Record Stores: Used Kids and Lost Weekend will have used music, new records and give you the more townie-local perspective. Spoonful and RPM offer both new and used records with one knowledgeable guy talking extensively. Magnolia has new and used. They sell T-shirts, and probably will function for your needs in general. Elizabeth's give you used and new. When you get a student loan you should go to Roots Records and obtain reggae records that look like the guy on the cover going to a fancy restaurant in the 70s or 80s after inhaling huge spliffs but somehow doesn't smell like weed. Then copy his outfit, minus the dreads. After listening to this record then research similar records. Buy Lovers Rock and proto-dancehall. Famous people like Drake, Rihanna and Ye worked with reggae influence this year.

DIY: Ideally, you would go to a  show at the Legion. Visit Mad Mex between 10 and 12 for half off. There is a movie theater nearby, too. Go about your tasks/romantic interests. Then next day go to Seventh Son brewery or purchase a candle from Oliver's. There is continuum here that will unfold…

Art: If you make zines, mess with printmaking and possess irony or just a sense of humor. Skylab, No Place and Mint have web presences that will let you know when to partake. There are various galleries and museums which feature hors d'oeuvres and opportunities. 934 Gallery in the Short North is less wry and more genteel.

Skateboarding: Go to Embassy and Old Skool Skateshops. Hit up the new Dublin Skatepark.

Karaoke: Dave Casto and Excess Karaoke makes his rounds from Ace of Cups to Bourbon Street, to Ravari. This will be the surefire method of finding where to not be in a band or not be in a band because your Tumblr is enough. If you desire to ever go to the horse track, or supplement nuance to your alcoholism, then seek El Dorado. The Karaoke guy at Front Row uses Serato so you have options of doing Skepta, Yo Gotti and TLOP material.

Graffiti: Columbus graffiti has always rocked its own flavor with healthy direct NYC influences on occasion. There are several good examples of hands, straight letters and permission walls. If you meet someone who is younger than 30 and no examples of the first two of either, then you know.

Meat eaters: Columbus has several restaurants including McDonalds, Wendy's, Rally's, White Castle and Red Lobster. There is a Chili's on 161 near the place that sells cheerleader uniforms.

Vegan/veggie:  Angry Baker, Northstar Cafe and Whole World Natural Restaurant and Bakery will be your starters. Red Snapper Food Truck tofu and most bars like Bourbon Street and Carabar will give you better food than you would expect.

Mexican: I suggest El Vaquero, Junior's Taco, Le Gauchos, Michoachana Grocery and the Sawmill Road food truck with Taz hand-drawn on it. There are five Mexican restaurants within walking distances in most non-gentrified neighborhoods in Columbus.

Chinese: My favorites are Sun Tung Luck and Yao's.

Hip Hop: Columbus has a quality Hip Hop scene forever with rappers and deejays everywhere. If you're like me (a white dude who doesn't know how to dress, but is comfortable with yourself) then Sole Classics and Tack Ma would be places to visit, find flyers for events and clothing. If you're this white dude who doesn't know how to dress but feels weird around people who are more stylish than them, then I suggest Rehab Tavern. If you're none of those things, use media literacy, and realize you should end up at both places within the month.

Rock’n’Roll: Columbus usually produces music that is consistent with itself and imitates national trends. Ace of Cups, Space bar, Cafe Bourbon Street and Double Happiness should be frequented if you participate in youth culture. Skully's will have one or two shows every couple of months that will seem like events. The Promo West facilities and the arenas will have the more popular music.

Politics: The Columbus Free Press will give the info you need to stay abreast on the latest information pertaining to environmental issues, voting issues, BLM, Gender Equality, Trans/Queer rights, City Council races, fighting corruption and in general how to engage in activism/civil disobedience/ civil responsibility. The election year is down to the next 75 days. Voter registration ends October 11. You can register at  

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