RC Mob

1) I don't remember them having that many good songs! When I think of the Mob's album output I think of Omerta and only Omerta, their classic debut and then there's everything else. That Friday night at the Athaneum (what a place!), there wasn't a dud on the set list.

2) If you hadn't told me I wouldn't suspected in the least our dear Carlton Smith was in a titanic struggle with brain cancer. He was as dependably "on the one" as he's ever been. I wish he'd had a song to sing. He's got more personality than a Cheshire cat.

3) Brian Emch on guitar more than ever showed what he always was and so shall always be: one of finest light touches on funk guitar from beginning to end this state has ever produced. A true Ohio Player.

4) David Ellison hasn't lost his rap execution, his humor or his timing. Such a lucky front man to have the greatest rhythm section this side of...James Brown and the Rolling Stones. 

5) Which brings us to Happy Chichester. I was always puzzled how none of the Mob's blackness filtered into his solo career which at best I think can be described as idiosyncratic. But with the Mob he was joined-at-the-hip wingman to Carlton, two funk brothers from different mothers. One kept the beat, the other a priceless flowing bottom.

6) Sum total of all this goodness: the Mob still has their charism of character and personality, the four creating a mighty cloud of joy, a music of rhythmic goodness. This was not a harsh rock band. They often sang of domestic situations with a bit of humor. They caressed more than pummelled and frankly I thought their show was a masterpiece of feeling.

7) Miscellaneous notes: "Happy At Home" stuck to my brain for days. 

I loved the pre-show DJ citing all the High Street haunts and dives as the band apprenticed it's way to the Newpirt-sized crowds.

LOVED the shout-out to sound man Monty Temple (why no mention of the mythical manager Marv Diamond?).

Last but not least there was a lot of love in the room that night so there better be a live CD coming out of the affair. The band played so great to its strengths it'd be a shame not to release the night as well as serve as a fantastic career overview of a still-beloved band.