People holding sign and marching

Saturday, November 20, 3:30pm
Ohio Statehouse

Join us to tell reactionary lawmakers: STOP HB 480! STOP the attacks on abortion and reproductive healthcare!
STOP HB 454! STOP the attacks on trans kids' healthcare! Join us to demonstrate against HB454 and HB480! These bills are part of a coordinated and aggressive attack against women, trans people, and gender-nonconforming people in the state of Ohio! Gather with us at the Ohio Statehouse Building, on High Street, to learn more about these bills and what you can do to help stop them! HB454, also known as the "SAFE Act," is actually anything but safe. This bill would effectively ban gender-affirming care for minors across the state of Ohio, despite gender-affirming care being proven safe and life-saving for transgender youth. HB480 is an attack on abortion rights. It is much like the recent anti-abortion legislation in Texas in that it effectively outlaws abortion, criminalizes anyone who helps someone seek or receive an abortion, and rewards vigilante anti-abortion extremists. This will be an inclusive event on the sidewalk and lawn of the Statehouse. Bring your signs, your flags, your banners, and your friends and family!