During it’s five O’clock Traffic Mix on Monday, Power 107.5 dropped Fly Union’s new song “Flatline” off their new album Small Victories in between various hit records after DJ Big Bink took a request from a female caller to play the Columbus hip hop group. I caught up with Fly Union earlier in the week to interview them on the heels of the aptly titled Small Victories. Power 107.5 has played Columbus records here and there. They also have a Sunday show hosted by Yaves Ellis that addresses community issues but, really, there hasn’t been a Columbus record with impact on the station since perhaps “Welcome to Buckeye City” a long time ago. Fly Union’s manager, Chea explained reciprocation is the key to any good relationship, and especially with a media outlet like 107.5, “It has to work both ways. I think we are on the same page of us showing our support and them showing their support. We need to bridge that gap between people over Fly Union in Columbus. But they don’t listen to radio because they don’t want to. We need to increase that engagement and let them know; there is a reason to listen to the radio beyond just us playing on there.” Jerraeu added, “It’s not gonna be an overnight success, I think it’s important to realize that any attention a Columbus native receives, good positive attention, it only helps the cause. With 107 premiering our music, it’s only going to trickle down and help other artists, whether you are a Fly U fan or not.” Jerraeu also believes that radio is just one outlet, so people shouldn’t put all their eggs in that basket or view a lack of immediate gratification as a reason to quit or get bitter, “We’ve knocked on so many A & R doors, sent so many songs. It’s a way of learning how to accept rejection and continuing to work through that. Everyone is not going to be on the radio. It’s about taking advantage when there are opportunities.” And Jerraeu also implied that it’s important to just do it versus overly pressuring a situation, “I am just a fan of having a body of work. And working your core and allowing people to see your work versus pushing it in their face. When it comes to advice, everyone’s path is different.” Fly Union may not be pushy, but their often said phrase “We Out Here” definitely rings true. They are about to do a series of dates with Pusha-T during the next couple of weeks before heading down to SXSW. This is just a step in a slew of interesting developments for Fly U. My jaw dropped during the NBA Finals, and their song “Long Run” played during a LeBron James commercial as the Ohio-Native was leading the Heat to the NBA title. Although Fly Union was at the game in Miami to support LeBron, they had extra incentive for the win, producer/rapper Iyeball quipped, “If they didn’t win it, it would not have aired.” I am not sure if that would be considered a Small Victory or a big victory but it all adds up, whether you are talking Fly Union’s BET Music Matters tour with Kendrick Lamar a while back or the Gallery Hop in-stores at Sole Classics. The actual Small Victories album came out Tuesday and is a proper follow up to Fly Union’s TGTC album in 2011, and all the various projects in between. Small Victories was recorded in Columbus, Atlanta and the Los Angeles studio where Dr. Dre records. But really, all of these accomplishments do no matter as Jerreau implied at the beginning of this story: It all boils down whether or not the music is good. And, once again, Fly Union brings it. Small Victories delivers an organic album you can play at a BBQ, while rolling in you car or while reflecting at the crib. Iyeball is very aggie, Jerreau quips smoothly about the various complexities and humor of a moment, and J-Swif is still a talented man of his own dissuasion. Of course this is all over the refined, stellar production that Fly Union is known for.