Netanyahu and Trump

The twin slaughters in Gaza and Ukraine spew from the ghastly evil of four awful men focused on destroying democracy itself---Netanyahu, Sinwar, Putin and Trump.

Ending those wars demands naming and ousting the perpetrators.

Putin’s monstrous mass murder in Ukraine has been punctuated by the awful execution of Alexi Navalny, the beloved activist he imprisoned, tortured and left for dead.  Putin has followed by arresting those who merely leave flowers at Navalny’s memorial site, or who dare show the slightest opposition to the Ukrainian carnage.  His homophobia extends to arresting anyone who display rainbows on flags, clothing, art, or even earrings. 

Putin has made clear he’ll tolerate nothing resembling freedom or democracy, even when sham “votes” are under his thumb.  A brutal Tsar in Russia’s worst totalitarian traditions, he is regularly serviced by useful American idiots like Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson.

Putin’s ownership of Trump dates to the 1980s, when the bankrupt orange slumlord laundered billions of rubles for Russia’s emerging post-Soviet criminal mob.  When he became Russia’s national Godfather on December 31, 1999, Putin inherited the Donald’s gargantuan underworld debts, assuring his forever fealty.

Trump’s contempt for the Ukrainian resistance and his anti-NATO promise to let Putin do “whatever the hell he wants” underscore the overseas costs of a Trump2 presidency, which he has gleefully equated with the death of American democracy.  Putin’s fascist Russia is the MAGA movement’s ultimate template. 

That “game over” vision has been dutifully served by Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu and his murderous Hamas blood brother, Yahya Sinwar.  To kill a Palestinian state, Netanyahu became a prime Hamas supporter.  In return, Sinwar made Gaza a homophobic Putinesque nightmare.

Mere months ago, democratic resistance to Bibi’s attack on democracy and the court system filled Israel’s streets.  To keep himself in power and out of jail, Netanyahu shredded the constitution.

Hamas likewise terrorized and exterminated any signs of nascent democracy in their own Gazan fiefdom.

October 7 has solidified the grip of both regimes. 

No one familiar with Bibi’s moral character or political agenda would doubt his comfort in collaborating with Sinwar to hold power and avoid jail by slaughtering Israeli youngsters and kibbutzniks…followed by a mass slaughter of Palestinians.

Sinwar’s shameless murder and rape of Israeli hostages remains the perfect compliment to Bibi’s gleeful Gazan apocalypse.

Those linked killings are the prime force behind the finalization of an Israeli dictatorship.  Above all, Netanyahu is using them to kill the Israeli democracy that once threatened to end his career.

They are also key to killing American democracy.  Israeli militarists fully understand that the Gaza slaughter is splitting Biden’s Democratic Party and opening the door for a Trump dictatorship, which they would happily embrace. 

Israeli polls show a massive desire to be rid of Netanyahu once this war ends…thus guaranteeing it will never end while he uses it to hold power and avoid prison.  Likewise Sinwar’s death grip on his body shield hostages is all that’s keeping him alive. 

American progressives screaming at the Jewish people as a whole for this horrible war evoke endless terror of anti-semitic murder rather than an effective focus on ridding Israel of the war’s prime perpetrator and his Hamas allies. 

No sane progressive would ever want to live in a Russia run by Putin, a Palestine run by Hamas, or an Israel taken to its fascist extreme by the likes of Netanyahu. 

Only one thing can end the Gaza war:  the unified removal of Netanyahu and Sinwar and their fascist allies, both in Israel and in Palestine.

Likewise the slaughter in Ukraine can end only with the unseating of the fascist Putin.

For democracy---and the human species--- game over is getting Donald Trump in the White House. 

His grim fellow horsemen---Putin, Netanyahu and Sinwar---all have the same agenda.

Evolving the intelligence and will to stop the four of them is now humankind’s ultimate test.