A man with white hair and goatee standing outside petting a black cow who has a white stripe up her nose and the word Mercy below


Nathan Runkle is a hero to farm animals and a hero to the Free Press. His new book Mercy for Animals chronicles the rise of the animal rights organization he founded in central Ohio at age 15 that has grown into an international nonprofit headquartered in Los Angeles. Mercy for Animals’ mission is to end factory farming and, in turn, stop animal abuse and promote compassionate food choices. The group has been incredibly effective in exposing and stopping many brutally violent and unsanitary factory farm practices. It is successful primarily because of Nathan’s tenacity, his passion, investigations, films, organizing ability and professional promotion. Nathan came in town for a book signing last month and the Free Press stopped by for an autograph. The Free Press stands proud of our native son and his tremendous accomplishments. We also recommend the book for good reading.


Universal health care for all Ohioans, including coverage for dental, vision and mental illness? It would be a life-saver for many in our state, and seems like a no-brainer. Thanks to Columbus 25th District Rep. Bernadine Kennedy Kent, along with Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo), this may become a reality! The two Ohio House reps introduced the “Ohio Health Security Act” into the state legislature on October 24. The Free Press salutes the courageous action of the two reps for asserting the obvious, but unspeakable in the Ohio legislature – that health care is a human right.  

Enemy of the People

Josh Mandel, our Ohio State Treasurer who is trying to unseat Senator Sherrod Brown next year, wins as this month’s enemy of the people. Six years ago, he failed in his attempt to gain a Senate seat despite financial backing from the Koch Brothers. Now it’s clear he must believe that re-making himself in Trump’s image is his ticket to U.S. Congress. This tactic has worked, he’s attracted endorsements from a slew of alt-right racists and white nationalists. The Forward asks in a headline: “Why is this Jewish politician first in line for money from ‘Alt-Right’ conspiracy theorists?” Mandel allies himself with Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec who are deemed “far-right activists” who hate feminists, immigrants, and are overtly anti-Semitic, according to the Forward. Mandel even condemned the Anti-Defamation League for criticizing his new friends. White supremacist “Brad Griffin, aka Hunter Wallace, of the website Occidental Dissent, also endorsed Mandel on Twitter,” Plunderbund claims. And the icing on this hate cake was Breitbart’s site praise for Mandel when he ”slammed incumbent Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) for falsely calling Stephen K. Bannon a ‘white supremacist.’

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