Jill Stein with her arm above her head and in a white tank top and yellow scarf outside at rally

Free Press Heroes: Local activists at Standing Rock

The Free Press recognizes the Central Ohioans who stood in solidarity with Native Americans and others protesting the Dakota Access pipeline at Standing Rock in 2016: Heidi Detty, Bob Studzinski, Bruce Kiracofe, Michael Ulrey, Elizabeth Castro, Michael Vinson and Rudy Gerdeman, who was hit by water cannons and tear gas. These brave water protectors are appreciated by Tunkashila. The Free Press is proud to support these local activists who put their bodies on the line against those who poison water in the name of profit. Mitakuye oyasin.

Free Press Salutes: Jill Stein

The Free Press salutes Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential candidate, for her courage to demand a recount of the presidential election in three states: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Stein was willing to endure vicious attacks by the right and the left, both misrepresenting the purpose of the recount, which was to investigate the discrepancies between the exit poll numbers and actual vote counts in those states. The recount galvanized support from more than 150,000 believers in grassroots democracy and accurate vote counts. The Free Press, which has long championed election integrity, thanks Stein for her commitment to reforming our broken election system. We also salute Jill Stein for standing with the water protectors at Standing Rock and engaging in civil disobedience. |

Enemy of the People: J. Kenneth Blackwell

J. Kenneth Blackwell agreed to lead President-Elect Donald Trump’s domestic transition. Blackwell is currently an official with conservative Christian think-tank and lobbying group, the Family Research Council. Its anti-woman, anti-democracy, pro-corporate agenda personifies Trump’s authoritarian policies, Before Trump began openly courting far right-wing white nationalists, Ken Blackwell had already openly courted white fascists in his 2006 run as the first black nominee of a major party for Ohio governor. As Ohio’s first black elected statewide official, first as Treasurer and then as Secretary of State, Blackwell pioneered the mass disenfranchisement of poor, black and minority voters in the 2004 election. Once again, Blackwell is doing his best to work against the interests of the people and serve his corporate masters.


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