Man in white shirt talking into a mic at the far left side and a congregation of people sitting in pews and three stained glass windows in the back

Free Press Hero

The Free Press honors the anonymous man who bravely trained his cell phone camera on Timothy Davis during his horrendous beating at the hands of the Columbus Police. We thank you for having the courage to be the eyes and ears for the rest of us to witness the inexcusable and incomprehensible acts of our police department and how these racist officers, sworn to “serve and protect” us and uphold the U.S. Constitution, cavalierly and gleefully take out their immature macho aggressions on our citizens.

The Free Press Salutes

The Free Press salutes the Columbus Mennonite Church that recently offered sanctuary to Edith Espinal, a woman targeted by ICE to be deported from her home and family in Columbus to Mexico. We are proud to honor the church, its pastor and congregation for having the moral courage to let kindness, compassion, and reason triumph over the heartless and vicious policies of our current leaders that divide families and destroy communities. Although Espinal was not granted permission to stay in the United States and may be leaving on October 10, her case in in appeal and the central Ohio community is advocating for her to remain here with us.

Enemies of the People

Governor John Kasich and the Ohio legislature are enemies of Ohio women and their reproductive rights. Our state government has whittled away at women’s health care and abortion clinics since 2010. This issue hasn’t gotten as much attention as more nationally provocative issues lately, but it is a problem and local organizations that are standing up for women need our help. Contact NARAL Ohio, Planned Parenthood, and Women Have Options to fight back against this attack.

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