On May 17, with the intention of producing a live album, Tim Easton recorded his concert at Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza

JP: How'd you come to pick Natalie's to record a live album?

TE: I am recording most of my shows these days but I figured I would lean into that venue a little more and put up a few extra mics. Basically, I've published 100 songs out there in the world and I think it's time for me to make a double-live, solo acoustic album. Inspired by the Townes Van Zandt one and Doc Watson, who has a live double LP from Cornell University that really taught me a lot. I know it's ridiculous to think anybody would want that much Tim Easton solo acoustic on vinyl but I'm not really concerned about that.

JP: Are you happy with the results?

TE: I haven't heard a note yet, but I had a good time playing the shows so hopefully that translates.

JP: Still plan on releasing it?

TE: I'm going to release a double- live LP somehow someway. Whether it's all Natalie's recordings or not. I'm also recording a lot at a venue called Satori in Mobile, Alabama.

JP: Do you have a title yet?

TE: I have two. One is Tim Easton: Sings My Songs! That is the more smart-ass title. I'll probably go with Tim Easton: Campfire Propaganda.

JP: Anything unusual or special about the material you chose?

TE: Yes, these are the songs that I consider to be my best work so far.

JP: Any big surprises for Tim Easton fans (new, old, borrowed, blue, etc?). It's going to be on vinyl.

TE: I'd like to do a cover in there, but I guess covering JP Olsen wouldn't be a big surprise! He's still my favorite. I'll also probably put in two or three tracks that aren't on any albums, but still songs I consider to be stronger than a lot of the basic blues tunes I've put out there. It's really all about performance. Did I sing it well, or at least with some emotion that conveys the subject? Did I pick it well? Is the performance strong? I won't stop recording until I have twenty tracks that I think are worth putting out a double LP of vinyl.

JP: feel free to add anything else you'd like, Tim, anything you think people will get a kick out of or ought to know about the project?

TE: I'm sorry that I won't be attending Comfest this year. I'll be in Texas with Megan Palmer though so we'll raise a glass of something in honor.