Young black girl smiling wearing a blue and white outfit and the words Free Masonique three times and the words Drop the Charges

A Coalition to #FreeMasonique is calling for a National Week of Action to draw attention to Masonique Saunders and has begun a calling campaign to Ron O’Brien asking him to drop the charges against her.Masonique has been sitting in Columbus’ juvenile jail since December, after being charged with aggravated robbery and felony murder, and is awaiting a May 9 court date. She spent her 17th birthday, March 18, in jail. Masonique’s mother is struggling to help her and to pay legal bills.

In December 2018, a Columbus police officer shot and killed Julius Tate Jr., a 16-year-old Black boy, during a sting operation, claiming he had a gun. The police then pinned their murder on Masonique Saunders, Tate’s girlfriend, on the premise she was party to a felony happening during the murder. Read more in the Free Press May article by Sarah Mamo: “A sting, a police murder and a cover-up.”

This coalition is calling on local and national organizations to endorse the campaign to #FreeMasonique and #DropTheCharges, as well as individuals to participate in a national week of action May 3-10 by holding actions to support their demands. The Coalition to #FreeMasonique demands:

  1. The immediate release of Masonique Saunders.
  2. Prosecutor Ron O’Brien to drop the charges against her.
  3. Prosecutor Ron O’Brien to charge Officer Eric Richard with the murder of Julius Tate Jr.
  4. An independent investigation of the murder of Julius Tate Jr.
  5. Release of the documents in the public records request filed by the Tate family.

How you can help:

  • Call County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien at 614-525-5555 and insist he drop all charges and release Masonique Saunders. Reiterate the Free Masonique Coalition demands listed above.
  • Tweet using the hashtags #FreeMasonique and #DropTheCharges.
  • Share the graphics widely on social media platforms.
  • Host events to fundraise for legal fees.
  • Donate at:
  • Host letter writing parties for Masonique. Send letters to: Masonique Saunders, 399 S. Front St. Columbus, Ohio 43215.
  • Have your organization write a letter of support.
  • Watch Facebook and the Free Masonique Coalition website for details on the National Week of Action.

Here is a link for the National Week of action fro Masonique:

There are calls to pack the court on May 9th. The week of action is from May 3 - May 10th.

This is the website for Masonique: