Esther Flores passionately talking into a mic

Esther Flores
Photo by: Ralph Orr

Esther Flores is a fighter. She champions for the rights and dignity of all people and she fights against bigotry and prejudice. You want Esther on your side.

A Registered Nurse, Esther has created and developed a program, One Divine Line to Health, which provides vital services health care to those women caught up in sex trafficking in Columbus and especially on the infamous Sullivant Avenue on the Westside. She has also set up several safe houses within Columbus for women in recovery.

Raised in New York City, Esther is a woman of strong faith and characters. She teaches us that we can change our attitudes about trafficked women by calling them what they are, “Street Sisters” who deserve our care and understanding. One can see her red minivan driving around attending to her Sisters on the Westside.

A brave and powerful public speaker, she can be seen at many protests and rallies speaking against police brutality and abuse and shaming the city and mayor for their negligence of people in poverty and addictions. Mayor Ginther has been seen running away from her when she approaches him to ask questions. She’s our kind of advocate. The Free Press urges your support of her important work. Contact to donate or volunteer.

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