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On Saturday September 9th, join Will Strickler and his six-piece band Waves de Ache as they present a concert dedicated to the music of Latin Jazz legend saxophonist/composer Paquito D’Rivera at Copious Notes in downtown Columbus.  Listeners can expect a heavy dose of Cuban Salsa music, mixed with American Jazz and seasoned with elements of hip-hop, rock and funk music.

After several years playing bass guitar as a sideman for numerous artists (including Grammy-award pop singer Daya, finalist on “The Voice” Chris Jamison and Columbus’s favorite neo-funk band, Mojoflo), Strickler stepped away from a life on the road to pursue his longtime dream of writing and playing Cuban-inspired jazz music, in collaboration with his fellow Capital University alumni Max Marsillo and childhood friend Ben Maloney.

Since its inception as part of Strickler’s artist in-residency at the one and only Dick’s Den, Waves de Ache has played numerous venues around Columbus, including The Refectory, Columbus Jazz & Ribs Festival, Brother’s Drake Meadery and more.

“Growing up, my barometer for a successful gig was how many people were dancing to the music I was playing and that’s our number one goal in Waves de Ache - make the rhythms feel so good you have to work hard not to move,” Strickler said in a recent interview with

Strickler and his band Waves de Ache will perform Saturday September 9th, at 8pm in Copious Notes. Doors open at 7pm. Joining Strickler on stage will be Anthony Stanco (trumpet), Dr. Micheal Cox (saxophone), Travis Aukerman (drums), Ben Maloney (piano) and Max Marsillo (percussion.) Tickets range from $12 - $25 and can be purchased online at, via phone (614) 947-1520 or in-person at Notes box office, 520 S High St, Columbus, OH 43215.

Contact info:

Name: William Strickler

Phone: (419) 297-9867